Recap: OXID Commons 2013

Honestly? From my gut I feel that this OXID Commons event in 2013 was the best we’ve had so far, and that obviously knocked it out of the ballpark for both days, OXID Commons conference and trade fair on 16th as well as OXID unconference on the next day, May 17th.

To give you some numbers: we had at about 800 face-to-face visitors, 500 on-line stream viewers and approximately 50 exhibitors.

Roland OXID Keynote at OXID Commons 2013

The first day of course was packed with currently discussed e-commerce topics: multi-channel (AKA omni-channel), high load scenarios, for example TV commercial peaks, mobile commerce, B2B sales, and strategic points of internationalization. Interesting enough, isn’t it. At the end of the conference day, OXID awarded the GOLDEN CART again, what a thrill! For those who have missed it, there’s a a review of OXID Commons 2013 available, including links to the slide show, videos and blog post from 3rd parties at

On the next day, OXID unconference was held in the Solar Info Center Freiburg. We welcomed nearly 100 developers and talked very tech in two channels about the top topics in e-commerce today like responsive design, Apache Solr, performance, GitHub etc.

OXID unconference

Talking about GitHub: for me personally it was a really big step in community development (my responsibility) when Roland announced in his keynote that “… we will go live on GitHub right … now!” and somebody else pushed the button to make the repository public. Since that point developers started forking OXID eShop on GitHub, and we could already merge some very useful contributions.

We’d like to thank everybody for your visits, your support and your really pleasant discussions with us. As always: after OXID Commons is before OXID Commons – looking forward to seeing you in the next year! By the way, you don’t have to starve in the meantime: maybe you’re interested in visiting one of the OXID Usergroup meet-ups either in Essen, in Berlin or (hopefully soon) in Munich.

OXID Commons on May 16th and 17th in Freiburg

OXID Commons 2013As with every year in May, what has become in the meanwhile the legendary event, “OXID Commons” will take place. To this conference and accompanying trade fair we invite online merchants, partner agencies, strategic partners and interested parties enthused in e-commerce within its broadest sense.

The call for papers is already closed – we’d like to thank you for the numerous submissions of top-notch talks. Presently, the schedule is prepared and will be published soon. During the program experts will highlight the e-commerce business of tomorrow in two parallel tracks. An interesting mix of talks, case studies, best practices and discussion panels will be offered. The highlights this year will be: multichannel, TV commercials, internationalization and B2B as well as quality assurance and mobile shopping. Of course, all sessions can be streamed live on the event’s page.

Already for the 8th time we will award the “GOLDEN CART” in five categories to outstanding shopping cart solutions, judging especially the holistic solution of the whole presence, the innovation, as well as the complexity of the challenges during the implementation.

Our special thanks of course goes to the many exhibitors and sponsors of this event.

As usual we would like to celebrate with you the work done during the last year, networking in a cozy atmosphere in the evening.

On the next day, May 17th, we’d like to invite all developers and technically oriented people to OXID Unconference to the SIC (Solar Info Center) in Freiburg. As usual for an unconference, the schedule will be done only on the day of the event, but of course advance proposals are always welcome. This event is entirely free, but requires a pre-registration so we can do some planning. Please submit your proposal during the registration.

For tweets, please use the hash tag #oxcom13.

To the success of the event! Looking forward to it!

Translate OXID eShop Into the Language of Your Choosing

For some time now we have been working with OXID eShop translation center, that helps to interpret language keys used in OXID eShop and stored in language files. The software behind this is oTranCe, and it especially supports translators that have no clue about coding: there will be no longer any hassle with breaking pages because of a comma set wrong or character encoding.

Please feel free to download the language packages from the translation center with the credentials guest | guest. All translations made there will be published under the open source license GPLv3 and can be used freely by any OXID eShop edition.

Probably, if you need a special language, you have to support this in your daily business and for this have somebody to know the language. It would be communially beneficial if you please give something back: let your team members register and interpret some language keys by themselves. Here is a video tutorial about it:


If you want to know more about language file handling and get some language installation tips in OXID eShop please visit this page:

Here you will also find the well earned backlinks to the translators helping with this project. Just in case you need somebody to support foreign requests in your daily business or building up your product range in a foreign language 😉

Additionally, we started publishing the ready-to-use language packs on OXID eXchange and will extend these downloads step by step as soon as translations reach 100% for front end files or the entire package: front end, admin plus setup. We also provide the needed map.php, transliteration lists and language flags in the right shape and size for the theme Azure.

Chip in if you feel like you fancy a go!

Recap of OXID Commons 2012 – A tremendous E-Commerce Conference

OXID Commons 2012

First of all: Thank you all! Thanks for coming to OXID Commons 2012, thanks for the wonderful speeches, for all the great conversations had everywhere, thanks for making OXID a big family. Over 600 people, plus roundabout 300 via live stream, took part in a great event empowered by over 50 exhibitors and sponsors at the fair ground in Freiburg.

Roland Fesenmayr, CEO of OXID eSales AG, opened the schedule, in his keynote he reviewed the last twelve successful months and talked about our focus during the next phase.

All in all, more than 40 lecturers presented the most recent topics about e-commerce and the OXID Ecosystem in two different tracks. The top-notch schedule offered various sessions and discussions about topics like multichannel, internationalization, news in OXID eShop version 4.6, community related projects, semantic web in e-commerce with GoodRelations, how to adjust performance in projects, and many more. Please feel free to watch the OXID Commons archived live streams of both rooms.

OXID Commons 2012

By the end of the event day, Andrea Seeger, Executive Board of OXID eSales AG, promised the award “THE GOLDEN CART” for outstanding solutions based on OXID Platform. We want to congratulate the winners in the five following categories:

The mandatory after-show party was great again with the added bonus of nice weather and supporting live band, which encouraged networking, stimulating conversations and quenching refreshments.

On the very next day, May 25th, the unconference took place. The 77 registered developers came together in a leisure barcamp style to talk about the community project Admin2.0, to discuss the new module system in OXID eShop version 4.6, the language handling (mapping) and what the community expects from OXID eSales. Also, our Chief Software Architect, Erik Kort, gave us an insight into the plans for OXID eShop version 5.

OXID Commons Unconference 2012

To give you a visual expression of OXID Commons 2012, we collected some links for you:

We also would like to draw your attention to other blog posts, mostly written by attendees:

Posted by Marco Steinhäuser and Daniela Baumgartner