Working on OXID eShop 4.1.0

After a pretty long absence, on sunday evening I arrived in Lithuania to work again with our eShop team. Last time I spent some time here before we released OXID eShop v4. So we all together still have to celebrate v4 :). We don’t know yet where to go and what to do and will decide tomorrow.

Journey was tough this time as I had a stopover in Copenhagen. Ever been there? Really nice airport. Looks and feels like a huge shopping mall until you go into the gates. Unfortunately I had not enough time to go shopping …

So yesterday was pretty busy. Team and me checked into detail where we are and what’s still to do until release and I looks pretty good. At the end of this week all features will be done and then just fine tuning is left over.  We started even to work on, like we call it, ‚variant performance issue‚  and will include significant improvements in 4.1.0 for those shops which have much variants.

More information about upcoming version you can find in roadmap or bugtracker (sections „Next major release“ plus „Next release“).

Currently we are also improving our testing environment. Executing all tests lasts far too long so we decided a while ago to rearrange tests, test schedules and rebuild development and continuous integration servers. Thus everybody is testing locally right now and I’m pretty sure when we put it all together, tests will fail. But I’m confident that we’ll fix these tests very quickly.

As we had to stop doing maintenance releases while working on new features we also decided to rearrange the SVN into maintenance and trunk. This means we’re able now to release tiny maintenance releases while we’re working on bigger releases as soon as continuous integration server is up and running again.

To be continued …