Recap: OXID Commons 2013

Honestly? From my gut I feel that this OXID Commons event in 2013 was the best we’ve had so far, and that obviously knocked it out of the ballpark for both days, OXID Commons conference and trade fair on 16th as well as OXID unconference on the next day, May 17th.

To give you some numbers: we had at about 800 face-to-face visitors, 500 on-line stream viewers and approximately 50 exhibitors.

Roland OXID Keynote at OXID Commons 2013

The first day of course was packed with currently discussed e-commerce topics: multi-channel (AKA omni-channel), high load scenarios, for example TV commercial peaks, mobile commerce, B2B sales, and strategic points of internationalization. Interesting enough, isn’t it. At the end of the conference day, OXID awarded the GOLDEN CART again, what a thrill! For those who have missed it, there’s a a review of OXID Commons 2013 available, including links to the slide show, videos and blog post from 3rd parties at

On the next day, OXID unconference was held in the Solar Info Center Freiburg. We welcomed nearly 100 developers and talked very tech in two channels about the top topics in e-commerce today like responsive design, Apache Solr, performance, GitHub etc.

OXID unconference

Talking about GitHub: for me personally it was a really big step in community development (my responsibility) when Roland announced in his keynote that “… we will go live on GitHub right … now!” and somebody else pushed the button to make the repository public. Since that point developers started forking OXID eShop on GitHub, and we could already merge some very useful contributions.

We’d like to thank everybody for your visits, your support and your really pleasant discussions with us. As always: after OXID Commons is before OXID Commons – looking forward to seeing you in the next year! By the way, you don’t have to starve in the meantime: maybe you’re interested in visiting one of the OXID Usergroup meet-ups either in Essen, in Berlin or (hopefully soon) in Munich.

Number of satisfied online retailers in Germany increases!

More than 70% of all respondents are satisfied with 2011 Christmas Sales

More than 70% of all respondents are satisfied with 2011 Christmas Sales

The global financial crisis has no negative impact on Christmas Sales 2011 for German online retailers. According to the 12/2011 OXID market survey 90% of all retailers can increase or maintain their sales on the level of the previous year.
In fact, only 10% of them report decreasing revenues in 2011. It is the lowest level since the last five years.

Overall, the number of German online retailers benefitting from Christmas Sales increased and every tenth achieved almost half of this year’s turnover in November and December.

According to 2010, almost 75% of the retailers surveyed are satisfied with this year´s Christmas Sales and 40% can keep their revenues constant (2010: 20%). Every second (50%) has reported increasing revenues which is less than 2010 (60%).