OXID eShop minor release 4.1.5-21618 out now!

The major points of what has been changed in the latest release 4.1.5:

  • A new update application for database updates was introduced. From now on, database updates can be easily done by running this application – there is no need for running sql commands on the database any more. See the changed update instructions for how to use the application.

  • Slight template changes have been applied to the lang.php files concerning bug #1209

  • We further improved the stability of OXID eShop by fixing some bugs. You can find a complete list of all bug fixes in the changelog of our bugtracker.

  • As reported in #1173, the emtpy method __construct() was missing in oxSuperCfg-class. We added this method to oxSuperCfg and several other parent classes to be able to extend them more easily.

Please find more details in the release notes along with the update patch in our download area. Have fun updating your system!