Roadmap for OXID eShop UTF-8 support, import from XTC and osCommerce, and more

We’re happy to inform you about some exciting new features that will be included in the upcoming version of OXID eShop:

  • Version introduces UTF-8 support. This makes it pretty easy to use character sets like Cyrillic or Chinese and enables us to deliver more localizations in the future.
  • In the previous release, we began to support automated migration from Magento to OXID eShop. Version will in addition also support migration from more eCommerce solutions, namely XTC and osCommerce. Importing data from these third-party shops to OXID eShop will be as easy as clicking a button in the admin panel.
  • Translated shop content will be accessible more consitently via the API: Instead of using references like oxtitle_1 and oxtitle_2, which used to be swaped when changing the standard language, the languages will now consistently map to IDs with their respective ISO codes in, like oxtitle_en and oxtitle_de. Thanks to Rico for that proposal!
  • Last but not least, OXID eShop will be able to handle vendors and suppliers as separate groups in the new version.

We expect version to be released within a few weeks.