Releasing OXID eShop patches for all supported series, new ERP interface, creditPass module and PayPal module versions

We are happy to inform you that new patch releases for OXID eShop all supported versions and editions are available. Also, there are new versions of our generic SOAP-ERP connector as well as new Creditpass and PayPal modules.

OXID eShop version 4.7.14 (Community and Professional Edition) and OXID eShop 5.0.14 (Enterprise Edition)
This release will mark the end of life of this series: 4.7 and 5.0 will not be supported any longer, 4.7.14 and 5.0.14 will be the last patch for this series. This patch basically contains some security improvements, you will find all information about it in the release notes at OXIDforge.

OXID eShop version 4.8.8 (CE and PE) and OXID eShop 5.1.8 (EE)
This is just a regular patch release for the legacy branch. This patch contains some security improvements, please read all about the changes in the release notes at OXIDforge.

OXID eShop version 4.9.1 (CE and PE) and OXID eShop 5.2.1 (EE)
The first regular patch release for the 4.9/5.2 series that started just a month ago with 4.9.0/5.2.0. Some bug fixes, no changes in the templates. Please read the release notes.

ERP Connector 2.14.0
The ERP Connector, available for OXID eShop PE and EE, is now compatible to the OXID eShop series 4.9/5.2 database schema. It is available at OXID eXchange.

OXID eFire extension creditPass 3.0.1
There were some bug fixes made on the OXID eFire extension creditPass, also this module is now compatible to the new OXID eShop versions. The new version of this module is available at OXID eXchange as well.

OXID eFire extension PayPal 3.2.1
Have you heard about the poodlebleed bug in SSLv3? Well, this new module version addresses exactly this vulnerability and changes the encryption technology from SSL to the more secure TLS. Also, this new module version is compatible with the latest OXID eShop releases and can be downloaded from OXID eXchange. Additionally, we added the poodle fix to version 3.1.2 and 3.0.3.



Marco SteinhäuserIn e-commerce since 2000, working for OXID eSales since 2006 starting at support dept, taking care about OXID’s community management since October 2008. Father of three boys, passionate about i18n, l10n, guitar playing and archery. Get in touch.

R.I.P. OXID eShop Version 4.5

Yesterday we published the last patch release 4.5.12 (working title: “R.I.P. patch”) of the discontinued OXID eShop series 4.5.

OXID eShop series 4.5 was published in April 2011 and introduced the stunning new theme “Azure”, as well as support for unlimited multi-lingual shops and module/theme specific configurations.

As was announced earlier this year, we will supply patches for previous versions of OXID eShop, and with the release of Enterprise Edition 5.0 and Professional/Community Edition 4.7, 4.6 now becomes the “previous” version. Please note that this is not only valid for bug fixes published in patch releases for 4.5 series: it also applies to support services, so we kindly request our clients, users and partner agencies to consider an update to your shopping cart installation. All update packages can be downloaded from OXID forge for the Community Edition. Users of an Enterprise or Professional edition have been informed via email.

Interview with the Contributor of the Downloadable Products Feature

Q: Joscha, please tell us about yourself and your company.
A: I’m 29 years old and I live in Germany. I started my company 12 years ago. In the beginning, I started specialising in TYPO3 and website. Later, I delved into OXID eShop and the ecommerce business.

Nowadays, I mostly work on projects based on OXID eShop. is well known in the community and I’m proud that we are one of the driving forces behind OXID eShop’s Open Source efforts. We are a team of four at the moment; we also work with two designers and a few freelancers depending on the amount of work.

Q: Why did you decide to contribute the feature for downloading digital products to the OXID eShop core?
A: We needed that feature for a project (our own shop), and we were not happy with the existing options. So we decided to program that feature to match our own requirements. At the same time, we don’t see ourselves as a company that writes modules on a commercial basis. Our goal is to offer solutions to our costumers and modules are “by-products”, as 37signals calls them. So we contributed the feature to the community because we thought that it made sense in the OXID eShop core. Of course, we would be happy to help new customers that need a similar solution as well.

Q: Will you keep enhancing this feature? What additional functionality is in the pipeline?
A: It depends. Our contribution covers the features which are helpful for the entire community and make sense in the core system. But special requirements, that are only useful to a single customer, are not suitable in a generic system. That said, if there is generic functionality that we build for one of our customers, we might contribute that and enhance the feature. As Roland Fesenmayer (CEO, OXID eSales AG) said, we see OXID eShop as a “ecommerce operating system” on which users can build great shops.

Q: How long have you been using OXID eShop and what do you like most about it?
A: We have been using OXID eShop since it went Open Source in 2008. We had our kick-off meeting at the first “OXID Commons” conference where we met our first client. Since 2010, has been an OXID-certified solution partner and we also undertake projects with the OXID PE and EE editions.

I also started my own shop based on OXID eShop and gained a lot of experiences as a shop owner. I’m a big fan of the aquatic world and I have a big aquarium at home. There is a huge community and, of course, a market for it, so I was selling plankton and other products to breed fish. It might sound a bit strange, but everybody has a secret passion, right?

What i like most is about OXID eShop is its flexibility: It can be used for small shops as well as highly scalable huge portals with high traffic.

Q: What is your overall impression of the OXID eShop community?
A: The OXID eShop open source community offers fantastic, free support. And it is made up of not only developers but also shop owners who give advice and support. I really hope that it will keep growing.

Q: Is Open Source an important aspect for your customers in eCommerce and why so?
A: I love the idea of Open Source but I must say that, for shop owners, what’s even more important than Open Source are enterprise-grade solutions. Most of them want access to a company that they can pay in return for a guarantee, as OXID eSales does with the Professional and Enterprise Edition. But Open Source is also essential to share knowledge and find better solutions and this allows everyone, including the shop owners, to benefit in the long run.

Q: Any tips and tricks for aspiring contributors on how to best approach/work with the OXID eSales dev team?
A: Think twice about your solution. Does the solution you have conceived make sense for everyone? Is it generic enough? Talk to others, especially the OXID guys. There was very good feedback from the OXID development and management team. They educated us about things we hadn’t thought about because they didn’t affect our solution. They are in general very kind and have lots of good ideas, so don’t hesitate to contact them!

Q: What is your impression of the collaboration with the OXID eSales dev team?
A: We had a few areas of friction. For example, worked on a patch and sent it to the OXID eSales team, who then did their part. It didn’t feel like a joint development effort, so I think we could do it better next time. As it was one of our first contributions, it was fine, but some enhancements will be needed for the longer term, on both sides.Together, I’m sure we can build the best e-commerce software around!

Beta of OXID eShop version 4.5.0 Coming Before Christmas

Shortly before the holiday season, we will release OXID eShop 4.5.0 as a public beta version. Sort of a Christmas package for you 🙂

Sexy New Store Front

It will actually be a decoratively wrapped up Christmas package, because the beta will ship with a completely redesigned store front. Just take a look at the screenshot included in this post. Beautiful, isn’t it?

As examples, the new store front comes pre-equipped with two themes that contain theme specific options like „Set the cart left or right“, „Set the navigation to the top or left on your site“, and so on. From the administration panel, you can choose which theme you want to use and configure the options.

In a modern eCommerce front end such as in OXID eShop 4.5.0, you will have to use JavaScript. Especially in an online store where data may change on a simple input it is unnecessary to reload the complete page for getting
the result of your changes. We decided to use jQuery as the standard JavaScript library. Writing JavaScript code should be fun, shouldn’t it?

Modules and Themes Installer

Template and module developers can use yet another cool new feature for their modules: We prepared OXID eShop 4.5.0 perfectly for the future use of themes and a module installer. The aim is clear: download and install the module needed for your business case with a simple click. With the 4.5.0 beta, we will show the basis so you can get an imagination of how it will look like in the final version.

Also, we will provide detailed lessons of how to implement these themes and extensions as soon as possible.

Enhancements to Smarty Template System

Smarty as a template engine is proven and will further be used. Of course we were tempted to use Smarty3 as it has been beta for a long time and comes with some very nice features. We tested very meticulously and found some issues that deemed to be not good enough for OXID eShop 4.5.0. Primarily, the performance of Smarty3 was very bad. So we decided to go for Smarty2 – and implemented one of the most interesting features of Smarty3 into OXID eShop 4.5.0: the „template inheritance“.

Now we have the best of the two worlds: The reliability and performance of Smarty2 and Template inheritance of Smarty3. Also, we are prepared to easily switch to Smarty3 as soon as it is good enough.

Beta, so Handle With Care

The beta is intended for the developers community and our solution partners to check out new upcoming features. We invite you to have a close look at the beta and highly appreciate your valuable input!

It is explicitly not intended for productive use! There will also be no update or patch packages from older versions of OXID eShop and no update or patch packages from this beta version to a newer or stable one.

New major version 4.2.0 of OXID eShop released

Right on time for our Partner Day on October 27th, we released the major version 4.2.0 of OXID eShop. Besides some bug fixes, awesome new features were introduced to all editions:

  • Multidimensional variants were newly introduced. This new functionality enables OXID eShop to manage variants of a product. For example, a red T-Shirt can have different sizes. Our Product Management’s requirement, to support up to five levels, was proudly
    surpassed nearly without any performance loss.
  • With supporting APS (Application Packaging Standard), it will be easily possible to install OXID eShop on a hosted environment of a provider using this format with a single click. APS is a format designed to help implement Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business models for all industry cloud service providers and independent software vendors.
  • A Template Override System for an easier design customization maintenance was implemented. A new option sCustomTheme was added to for this reason that you have to fill with the value of your choice, e.g. ‚custom‘. Now, make a new directory with the same name (custom) and structure as you know it from basic and copy all of your adapted tpl-files to this location. The shop will now look up if there is an adapted file in your custom folder; if not it will return to the basic folder. This works for included files as well, for directory based resources (CSS and JavaScript files) just copy the complete tree to the custom theme folder. Hope that will make the developers life much easier.
  • Also, the language management from administration panel was made less difficult. Before, only four languages where provided in OXID eShop from the admin area. If you wanted to have a fifth language, you had to define new database fields. From now on, the shop will automatically take over this job when you create a new language. Deleting that language will not delete the created database fields but will set them back to the default value instead.
  • All used 3rd-party libraries like JPGraph and YUI where updated. Like announced to the dev-general mailing list, the YUI library could be made much more lightweight by cutting parts not used in the shop. So the download size of OXID eShop Community Edition could be decreased from 12.2 MB to 10.2 MB now.
  • As Zend Platform was replaced by a new product called Zend Server, the appropriate interface was updated in the new version of OXID eShop Enterprise Edition. Both, Zend Platform and Zend Server are supported from now on.
  • Nice and helpful popups with additional information where built in closed to input fields in admin area. Check it out clicking on the „?“ buttons you will find there.
  • In close cooperation with our SEO specialist and due to new SEO expertise, some changes in this concept where made: The rel=“nofollow“ attributes were removed from most of the links. Furthermore, article links will be built for each category an article is assigned to. A canonical link in the details page will lead to the article’s main category.
  • While fixing a bug (#0001368), a log folder was introduced.

You will find the update files for OXID eShop Community Edition along with the release notes in OXIDforge’s download area. Make sure you have a look at your templates: In this major update the basic templates were changed.

OXID eShop minor release 4.1.5-21618 out now!

The major points of what has been changed in the latest release 4.1.5:

  • A new update application for database updates was introduced. From now on, database updates can be easily done by running this application – there is no need for running sql commands on the database any more. See the changed update instructions for how to use the application.

  • Slight template changes have been applied to the lang.php files concerning bug #1209

  • We further improved the stability of OXID eShop by fixing some bugs. You can find a complete list of all bug fixes in the changelog of our bugtracker.

  • As reported in #1173, the emtpy method __construct() was missing in oxSuperCfg-class. We added this method to oxSuperCfg and several other parent classes to be able to extend them more easily.

Please find more details in the release notes along with the update patch in our download area. Have fun updating your system!

OXID eShop minor release 4.1.4-21266 out now

The major points of what has been changed in the latest release 4.1.4-21266 of OXID eShop Community Edition:

  • We further improved the SEO concept of the shop by enabling support for language identifiers in URLs. This means that OXID eShop will show identifiers such as /en/, /de/, /ro/ as a part of the URL depending on the custom languages defined within the system’s configuration settings.
  • Due to an issue with the frame loading order in the admin, many admin templates had to be changed.
  • We modified and added some core methods. For example, the oxOrder class was adopted as well as oxSeoEncoder – mostly due to the above named rework of the SEO concept.

Please find more details in the release notes along with the update patch and the full package in our download area. Have fun updating your system!

Minor release 4.1.3-19918 of OXID eShop is out now

Yesterday we published the minor release 4.1.3 of OXID eShop.

We improved session handling: A fallback mechanism has been introduced that allows to sustain a session for shop visitors whose browser does not accept cookies. Along with this come a couple of related changes to some methods within the classes oxSession, oxSeoEncoderArticle, oxSeoEncoderTag and in oxArticle.

Some cosmetic changes where made to oxid.css so that the standard front end of the user interface looks better now.

Find further information about new features in the release notes.

Additionally, lots of bugs were fixed, to be seen in the change log of our bugtracking system, section OXID eShop (all versions) – 4.1.3 revision 19918.

Major release 4.1.0-17976 of OXID eShop now available

Compared to the former updates it took a little bit longer, but now we proudly announce the availability of the major update package OXID eShop 4.1.0-17976.

Of course, we fixed a lot of bugs in this release (see our bug tracking system for details), but also integrated major changes and new features. Some examples: UTF-8 is fully supported from now on. We also completely re-arranged the language handling of the shop and improved the performance once again, especially for those of you who extensively use product variants.

Lots of contributions have been done via our bug tracker, and I would like to thank you for your ongoing support!

All packages you need to update your OXID eShop Community Edition to latest release 4.1.0-17976 can be found at

Additionally, which is probably pretty interesting for you, we switched the way of working with SVN a little bit: From now on, we will be able to provide so called „maintenance releases“ while working on new major releases. This makes it possible to publish bugfixes more frequently.

As we have a final release now, we can also finish the work and the tests on the importer scripts. In a few days, they will be available at