Inviting OXID Developers to Local Meet-ups

In the German forums, we’ve been thinking about organizing developer meet-ups in some of the most active German cities for a while. These meet-ups are intended to address all developers working with (or planning to start working with) OXID eShop. They provide an opportunity for attendees to introduce their current interesting projects, get to know each other, and share ideas and experience. Attendees may also find common links for collaboration in certain projects.

Our first OXID developer group meeting will be on Friday, March 11th 2011 at the Geyserhaus e.V. in Leipzig. All are welcome to join. For this initial event, I was also able to persuade Christian Zacharias to hold a half-day OXID eShop training starting at 12 AM, followed by the proper meeting in the evening. Needless to say, I’ll also be there, as this event will give me a chance to answer your OXID questions, and to note your valuable input. The event is free of charge, so if you’re in or around Leipzig on that date, don’t hesitate to register yourself in the OXIDforge wiki. 

Later this year, similar events will happen in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Cologne. We’re looking for volunteers to organize them (come on, it’s simple!), so feel free to start your own wiki pages to get things rolling. OXID partners, send your developers as well!

OXID User Meeting im Weilburg

Dear Michael, Andreas and Martina,

many thanks for the wonderful last weekend, we spent in Weilburg. It was a perfectly organized user meeting with almost 70 OXID users and OXID eShop partners.

The get together on Friday was at 7 p.m. and when we sat at the hotel terrace more and more participants arrived and got in contact. It was very nice to see that new OXID users, but also some from “the old forum” and also new interests got in lively discussions. Due to the weather we could even stay on the terrace until late at night, as it is usual on OXID user meetings. 😉

The official part of the weekend began on Saturday at 9 a.m. – in deed for some participants this was too early. You know who I mean… During the day the main focus was networking between like-minded people. Topics about which we learned more in the interesting speeches were for example the payment gateways ” paymorrow” and “Heidelpay”, shop optimization such as on site search, customer feedback necessity, A/B testings and recommendation services. So it was a very good mixture of things that eshop users have to consider to stay or become successful.

After dinner the second hard networking evening started and several new contacts were made. For me, as having visited several user meetings it is always enjoyable to see the faces behind partners and users as in our business you mostly communicate via new media. I am already looking forward to see everybody again on the next user meeting – the tenth one!