News from German Congress „OnLine Handel 2009“

The congress „OnLine Handel 2009“ took place at Congress Center Rosengarten in Mannheim for the first time from January 21st to 22nd. At this German event, the whole industry got a worthy start into the yet young „eCommerce year“ 2009.

Both days were filled with plenty of new information. The Key message personally for me was, that the e-Retailers are mostly satisfied wit the Christmas salesfigures.

Because of the market crisis, Amazon halved the forecasts for Q4 and according to Dr. Kai Hudetz (ECC Handel) tripled the original forecast.In general, despite the economic crisis, the expectations for 2009 are positive. So, maybe the eCommerce branch could become a “winner of the crisis”. Nobody knows right now. Lets have a look at the end of the year.

I was mostly surprised about the statement of a big eretailer, that sales increase up to 300% are possible through the use of product videos on the Article details. Interesting also that the conversion decreases when the quality of the video production is increasing.

In short Words: „low budget“ product videos will bring the greatest success.

About the exhibitors, of course there were all the „usual Suspects“ there. Dohmen (, PVS (, Intrum (, Hermes (, intershop (, demandware (, rabbit (, webarts (, Netz98 ( (thank you for the delicious cocktails), Arvato ( and myClip Studios (, to name a few.

More Information can be found directly on the website for Onlinehandel2009

The event was very well organised. First Time I got a name badge with RFID tag. Each time I went to some lecture there was written my name at a monitor. Everybody felt well to read his Name. 🙂

A Big Thank you to the managementforum for the organisation of the Evening.

Most of the visitors and exhibotors stayed late in the evening. Through Live Music, Drinks and a good meal it was a great atmosphere for networking.

Well Done! Thank you!

What’s new

After two years of massive refactoring, we finally come up with the 4th generation of the OXID eShop. Together with that, some new structures and workflows have been introduced to our company for improved quality management as well as new patches, updates and upgrades can and will be released in a very short frequency.

The formerly forked development for both variants – Enterprise and Professional Edition – now has been merged again. The new variants (incl. Community Edition) are separated during the built process, which means, that every possible bug has to be fixed once. All of our code has been ported to PHP5.

The whole code has been extremely cleaned up and we cut down most of the huge classes and methods into small and handy pieces. We consistently use unit and selenium tests.

As a result, we proudly offer a sturdy and reliable code base, an increase of the performance (up to three times in relation to former versions) and the possibility to easily enhance our standard ecommerce tool using our proven module system.

Furthermore, we implemented a bunch of longed features, i.e. search engine optimization (SEO) has been increased exorbitantly:

  • We use cookies instead of handing over the session by URL now.
  • The SEO URL concept has completely been reworked (use of so called “speaking” URLs).
  • Content Pages are enabled to be mapped into SEO URLs.
  • The Shop will be delivered with a XHTML-valid template set (div-based layout).

The new OXID eShop will come with a package of web 2.0 stuff like RSS feeds, tag clouds and social bookmarking tools.

The admin area has been redesigned and comes up now as a smooth and simple to use administration tool.

At the end of the day, we hand out a sophisticated and state of the art software architecture that is easy to customize, where there are no limits in implementing third party systems and which is ready to use within both, SMB and large enterprise environments with an unrivalled total cost of ownership. It’s a weapon 😉