next-level-shopping: e-commerce-platform for high-selling shopsystems

The best OXID e-commerce

platform of all time

What makes us different?
All the apparently small things
that come together as one

Tried and tested x 1000

Best TCO
& high ROI

Highly adaptive

time to Market

Service & support


Our range of profitable e-commerce solutions

We have modernised, extended and slimmed down the software code, i.e. the heart of OXID eSales, with a keen eye for detail. The new shop generation now offers partner agencies and customers a stable platform for an economically viable and highly successful implementation of their e-commerce solutions. Now and in the future.

OXID eShop Enterprise Edition


The most popular German shop system

For all businesses with established structures and ambitious objectives who want to advance their business digitally. Both nationally and internationally.


OXID eShop Enterprise B2B Edition


The award-winning B2B Shopsystem

For all retailers who want to offer their business customers more than EDI interfaces. For real convenience for company purchases and trade between business customers.

OXID eShop Professional Edition


The comprehensive hassle-free package

For beginners, start ups and quick starters who are looking for everything an online shop must be able to do, in a reasonably priced e-commerce solution. Out-of-the-box!


OXID eShop Community Edition


The Open-Source shopsystem

For the curious, beginners and anybody who wants to try out our software for free first.

Our ingenious product bundles
Turnkey interfaces
included for your online shop

For all retailers who want a seamless integration between ERP system and online shop. Proven in practice and quickly implemented on our platforms. From OXID4SAP, OXID4NAV, OXID4Dynamics and OXID4Prodatic to OXID4ALEA... this is our product range for smart ERP bundles.

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OXID eShop personalisation option

The AI booster for your e-commerce

Personalisation in real time

Treat your customers to a shopping experience that is tailored to their needs

The times of “one size fits all” are long gone. Provide your customers with the best in usability and make them feel special. It’s worth it: personalisation can achieve a conversion rate of up to 25%.

Online shop personalisation in real time

Customer experience redefined

Master the art of presentation with these features

The demands on online shopping are greater than ever before. OXID platform’s extensive range of features gives you the flexibility you need to perfectly achieve your business goals. Showcase your offer and captivate your customers.

Customer experience with OXID

How is the new e-commerce
platform better now?

Technical innovations that give you the following competitive advantages in online trade

Incredibly fast

Your online shop is now even faster; your customer bounce rate is lower. Thanks to powerful performance, peak periods are no longer a problem. The best basis for future-oriented search engine optimisation. Google and all SEO optimizers will love your shop.

Numerous interface points

External software and libraries are easier to integrate into your shop, and you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Save time and money in your ongoing project.

Improved code structure

Thanks to the lean code,the use of Composer and far-reaching improvements to the modular system, the software is easy to service and maintain. Your development saves time and resources.

Optimised data access

The innovations and standardisations in the database facilitate data handling in the new OXID eShop.

Maximum transparency

Developers know what’s next because they actively collaborate on code using the GitHub Repository. Be prepared for upgrades with your own modules and interfaces. One step ahead of the competition.

Internationalisation is in our DNA

60% of all German online shop operators make their money solely off the domestic market. Now is the time to get into cross-border commerce, more conveniently and risk-free than ever before.

100% unencrypted software

Including in the Enterprise Edition. More freedom for your own development, easily adapted shop functionalities, limited investment costs. Complete planning security.

Top content commerce

Want to create shopping worldsyour users will love? No problem, thanks to responsive design and integrated e-commerce CMS with personalised widgets. Your online marketing will be effective on all channels. Make use of omnichannel to help your products succeed.