OXID4SAP® - best practice for B2B businesses

and a fast start in e-commerce with ERP

Digital trade from a single source

Seamless system integration of online shop and SAP®

By mail order business for mail order businesses

Modern e-commerce is seamless, individual and up-to-the-minute. Prices must take agreed conditions into account, availabilities must be visible across all channels, and it must be possible to quickly reproduce earlier orders. Retailers’ efficiency increases if orders run through the internal systems directly, without manual intervention.

This all requires well-integrated IT systems. If the connection between online distribution channel and merchandise management is smooth, all relevant data will be automatically transferred and centrally processed in the ERP system. This saves time and money, reduces the risk of errors and lets you tap into new markets with manageable expenditure.

Full integration of the online shop and ERP system is not trivial, because all of the structures and processes in all of the systems involved have to be aligned with each other. Good news for SAP users: The OXID4SAP® interface brings to market a solution for connecting SAP to the OXID eShop that already has 80 percent of popular e-commerce processes as standard.

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Allow us to introduce you to OXID4SAP®, the best integrated standard solution

for your online shop with OXID eShop and SAP

OXID4SAP® is optimised for SAP® systems and perfectly integrated into the system landscape for B2B and B2C online commerce . In addition to an OXID eShop and pre-assembled SAP function modules , OXID4SAP® has ready integration processes for around 80 percent of all of the interface requirements of an e-commerce platform . These include services and features that are required for B2B manufacturers, especially in e-commerce, for checking availability in real time or live pricing, for example. It is easy to supplement additional systems, for OCI, CPQ or NSF requirements, for example. Pre-configuration of numerous e-commerce processes enables OXID4SAP® to offer the best price-performance ratio for e-commerce integration with SAP.


Our OXID4SAP®offer:

  • Turnkey solution for a fast start in e-commerce
  • Everything from a single source: Consultation, shop, SAP functionalities, integration
  • Security in the form of SAP-certified integration processes
  • Higher customer satisfaction thanks to a convenient shopping experience
  • Lower costs for the order process, thanks to streamlined processes
  • Faster return on investment due to low investment and running costs
  • Experience frommany customer projects
  • Many years of know-how in e-commerce and SAP processes




Your benefits: Continuous, efficient processes for a convenient shopping experience

Continuous, transparent order processes

Manageable project costs

Easy to get started, flexibly expandable

Real-time processes and live data

SAP data sovereignty is maintained

Automatic order creation

The ideal basis for your desired outcome in e-commerce

Smooth data transfer between the systems


Functional strengths of OXID4SAP®

  • SAP and the OXID eShop communicate with each other bidirectionally and in real time
  • Processes are transparent, automated and streamlined
  • Good performance is guaranteed even during peaks in demand
  • Low administrative workload and efficient handling of ordering processes
  • Interfaces for payment service providers and other systems such as PIM, CRM, CMS, etc.




Technical strengths of OXID4SAP®

  • SAP-certified integration
  • Numerous modules for technological progress can be integrated
  • Multi-client, multi-currency and multilingual capability for internationalisation
  • Secure transfer of data relevant to transactions
  • Monitoring and error handling
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