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When work is oriented to the customer, it’s time to consider the private sphere. Your customers are accustomed to online shops and all the benefits. Now they want this experience in B2B and have increasing expectations. For successful players on international B2B markets, availability, time and services are now key decision-making parameters for purchasing. Being able to satisfy these puts you in the competitive fast lane. Your strengths – the knowledge you have about your products and innovations and the requirements of markets and industries – can be used and developed in a targeted way. You have a 24/7 presence, and your customers can start planning or order products in advance. Your powers of innovation have opportunities for competitive advantages that include servizitation strategies. Our e-commerce solution is ready, and we can advise you based on our experience from numerous projects. For example, you can use knowledge about the (purchasing) behaviour of your end customers to develop new lucrative services.

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Dedicated to customers; committed to commerce: New freedom for B2B manufacturers to succeed in e-commerce

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  • Flexible shop systemthat satisfies the requirements for extensive product ranges, budget management, approval workflows and individual, out-of-the-box prices
  • Self-management for your customers in the B2B online shop
  • Reduced administrative workload for an efficient ordering process
  • Plan merchandise management and resources
  • Research, compare and order around the clock in your online shop
  • Service products with added value
  • Rapid implementation of shop software
  • Established IT structures (ERP, PIM, CRM, CMS) can be integrated
  • Multilingual capability for cross-border commerce


Our OXID eShop Enterprise and OXID eShop Enterprise B2B Edition with interfaces for ERP system integration support you as high-performance e-commerce solutions. Your state-of-the-art online shop becomes the interface to your customers and offers services that are required in the digitised business world. Link directly to your clients’ processes and IT structures. You can optimise costs for marketing, sales and resources and have a broad basis for securing your success in global competition.

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In der Welt eines B2B Herstellers ist ein Shop mit perfekter ERP-Schnittstelle unerlässlich.

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