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Trade means change

In our private lives, ordering various products from Amazon and similar platforms with just a quick click has long since become completely normal. This increases expectations for speed and reliability in wholesale as a result. Optimised processes in numerous divisions of a business are required. Plus, global competition puts significantly more pressure on wholesale than just a few years ago. This progressive change means that businesses have to focus much more on digitisation – to guarantee continuous processes and to prepare the latest business information. Use your strengths: Your knowledge about the needs of markets and the ability to spot opportunities. Your networks and contacts. Your knowledge about where success can be achieved. Combine your strengths with a comprehensive business solution that comprises ERP,customer relations and shop system . Increase your order throughout while staying in control. Show your customers that you value service and quality by improving your processes and delivering your products quickly. Convince them that you are a reliable trading partner with your processes under control. 

We show you how

Digitisation as a driver for new added value

For better success in wholesale: our intelligent e-commerce solution


  • Turnkey implementation: Enterprise ERP, online shop, DMS and ReWe 
  • Everything at a glance and centrally controlled with intuitive operation
  • Scalable ERP system and high-performance e-commerce solution
  • German specialists for service and support
  • Cloud or on-premises solutions


With our OXID4Prodatic we support you with a solution that has been specially designed for wholesalers. For a fast and successful start in e-commerce. With reliably calculable costs and a fixed completion date for our high-performance combination of Enterprise ERP and online shop. Your competitiveness will benefit from our fully integrated and multi-award-winning, business software Made in Germany.

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In der Welt des Großhandels darf ein Onlineshop mit Anbindung an die Logistik nicht fehlen.

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