OXID eShop Professional Edition - Schnellstarter unter den Shopsystemen

Professional Edition:

The quick starter among online shops

The all-round hassle-free shop system

Does what an online shop needs to do, out of the box

OXID eShop Professional Edition is the shop system for all small retailers, start-ups and e-commerce quick-starters who need things fast and easy. The software does everything an online shop needs to. Extensive range of functions, immediately ready to start, install and get down to work.
Nothing stands in the way of up-and-coming brands, new business models and innovative online shop concepts. Your prospects for growth in e-commerce are excellent. If your business requires it, you can migrate to the more comprehensive Enterprise Edition. Because it’s worth it.

These customers have already done it


Just faster to market

We are unbeatable when it comes to time-to-market. The Professional Edition is ready to start from the first day, with no messing about.


Get market shares while others are still in the implementation phase:

  • You have everything a shop needs to do, out of the box.
  • You benefit from core e-commerce functionalities and integrated process know-how.
  • You can get online and earn money sooner.

Unbeatably adaptable

This shop system adapts to your IT environment. Not the other way around. Thanks to numerous extensions, we can respond to your every need.


Start small and gradually get bigger:

  • backwards compatibility is part of our philosophy. We take you with us in everything we do.
  • Greater than the sum of the products. Community and partners move our shop system forward.
  • Modules, interfaces, applications. It’s all here.

Ready for the future

Every day we see how digitalisation influences user behaviour. Users put themes for online retailers on the agenda.


Be ready for every trend with this shop software:

  • mobile, social or content commerce
  • For cross-channel purchasing.
  • For usability and state-of-the-art product presentation

Service & support made in Germany

Unlike the free Community Edition, the Professional Edition is only available for users with a valid licence. We will be there for you if you have any technical problems.


Your benefits with the Professional Edition:

  • The licence is transferred into your ownership.
  • You can even resell the licence.
  • We help you to avoid losing turnover in the event of problems.
OXID eShop Support und Wartung

Tailored support

for your Professional Edition

Our shop software in use

Overview of the functions and benefits of the
Professional Edition

Your extensive basic functions in the Professional Edition

Your product is the star

From the homepage, through categories, product search and product details to variations, product comparison and availability, OXID eShop Professional Edition offers everything you need to allow your product to shine.

It is possible to purchase products from the homepage itself. Put the latest products at the very start of the customer journey, advertise them with campaigns and describe them with modular content elements that you position as required.

There is no limit to the number of categories. You can assign several products to a main category, define categories by price or assign an alternative template to a category and use it to individually design the category. Configure the categories to best suit your product world. 

Thanks to the comprehensive product search functions, the customer will soon find what they are looking for. You decide whether searches in the shop are ‘AND/OR’, whether a certain product even appears in the search and which additional keywords are defined for each product.

Product detail view
When the customer finds the product they need, first impressions count. Show several product images with preview. Stage a product using an alternative template and provide multidimensional versions. Product availability is the final touch.


Stage your brand and your product

It is well-known that nothing happens without sales promotion. ‘Offer of the week’, ‘long-running favourite’, ‘new in stock’ or ‘best seller’ – the more you bang the drum on your homepage, the better the chance of a consumer noticing a certain product.

Show one or more related alternatives to a certain product. By explicitly linking up products and accessories, you simultaneously create more up-selling potential.

Product ratings
It is hard to find a stronger argument for buying something than the recommendation of another user. Sort product reviews from users by date or moderate them in the admin area before making them available to view.

Shop marketing
The ‘wish list’ function makes it easier for your customer to search the internet and later return to their required product in your shop. The functions ‘Recommend product’, ‘Customers who bought this product also bought’ or ‘Price alert’ are elements that your customers will know and appreciate e.g. from Amazon.

Award individual voucher numbers to each customer or set numbers for your print advertising. Link a voucher to a minimum order value or an expiry date. Exclude certain products or categories from the voucher option or automatically send a birthday voucher to your customers. It’s hard to imagine greater flexibility.

Pricing and discounts
Assign your individual price for each product or show graduated prices. When you give discounts, choose between absolute, percentage or even a bonus: buy three or more, get one free! It also goes without saying that you can define the discount period or link it with a category, product or user group, etc.

Web 2.0
RSS feed, tagging, scoring, reviews, recommendation lists, rich media or Facebook integration... The Professional Edition responds to the modern user behaviour of customers and does everything they now expect from a shop. That also includes being certified and, e.g. having the Trusted Shops trustmark.


Get products soon after making the purchase decision

Once the customer has made the purchase decision, the subsequent purchase process needs to be as simple, intuitive and fast as possible. Shops can score points here by saving their customers from having to register before buying or always intuitively showing the way to the ‘checkout’, basket status and ‘Continue shopping’. Quick and easy checkout

When it comes to online payments, everyone is different. Payment by invoice is still the most popular payment method. Payment providers such as PayPal are slowly catching up. For customers, finding the preferred payment method is one of the most important factors against abandoning full shopping baskets.

OXID eShop Professional Edition is equipped with all common payment methods and offers the following as standard PayPal and PAYONE as well as numerous extensions. Value added tax for the destination country, minimum order values and foreign currencies can be adjusted in the backend.

The shipping costs can also be configured flexibly and set by user group, e.g. buyers within the EU. Shipping costs by customer, quantity, size, weight and many other attributes can be set or simply recalculated each time for every product and shopping basket.

All data under control – for clients and retailers

A good online shop doesn’t just offer customers a ‘My account’ service area where they can make personal settings and view their order history. It also provides retailers with comprehensive options for managing customer data. They define customer groups, show them their orders in ‘My account’, enable new purchases to be made from the order history, as well as purchases without having to register, and much more. The standard repertoire includes the option of a customer feedback form and double opt-in for signing up for the newsletter

The control centre for your shop

OXID eShop takes you straight to your goal with clear navigation in the control centre or admin area. You control all of the processes in your shop, including content management, where you can put together, edit and design content without knowledge of HTML, using the WYSIWYG editor. You can log in to OXID eShop through the browser from any workplace with internet access. You make the decisions about the stars among your products, newsletter settings, payment methods, gross and net prices, language and inventory management, search engine optimisation, sub-shops and much more. Everything under control.

Design that does the talking for you
In the design area, for example, you can replace the logo and the background image, and show or hide various elements of the interface. You have so many design options for your individual presence. With just a few clicks, you can pick up on the latest trends and respond to them in seconds. This proves that you are up to date.

Social media: Flow connects
You can link in popular social media channels from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and even your business blog (Wordpress). This transforms your shop from purely a sales platform into a communication platform. Connect with your existing customers and potential new customers and be there for them 24/7.

API: For greater visibility and intelligent controlling
Using the API function in Flow, a product can be placed directly in Google Shopping and monitored in Google Analytics. This happens using a tracking ID that creates the link to the required Google account. This opens up an additional channel for presenting your portfolio and you benefit from efficient controlling using an out-of-the-box interface for high-performance Google Analytics. You are always learning something new.

Visual CMS is more than just front end CMS
The sustainable shopping experience needs more than just good usability. A modern shop must inform, explain, entertain and even move visitors. It can only do that if its content is good. Manage content with our e-commerce CMS. It is OXID-specific, an integral part of the shop and can directly access its data. It can present products, categories, campaigns and much more. This is enormously beneficial compared with TYPO3 and conventional CMS.

A successful fusion of three systems in one!
If you want to transform your shop from purely a sales platform into an attractive business card, choose OXID eShop. We give you three systems in the same shop software: content management, campaign management and shop data management! This symbiosis saves you valuable time and allows you to act quickly and easily, without system interruptions. It’s every brand manufacturer’s dream. Shopping worlds are just a few clicks away. For a strong brand and corporate identity.

Numerous basic widgets on board, out of the box
Freely create content with the WYSIWYG editor. Position images and show or hide elements in the front end to suit your requirements. The main advantage is that You have direct access to products in the shop, you can present a specific range, create links, advertise and much more. You are only limited by your imagination.

You ponder over the content, while visual CMS does the rest
Visual CMS is suitable for every corporate identity, especially smaller shops. Your marketers will love it. You think about what you want to say. The framework and structure have already been taken care of. You can confidently focus all of your energy onto conquering market niches and very specifically serving new target groups with content – wow effect included.

Individual widgets: More possibilities for partners, agencies and customers
An agency will help if a customer’s business needs a widget that is not included in the standard. A dedicated customer widget will be developed for the customer, according to requirements. Any layperson will be able to use this widget without technical knowledge and will find precisely what they need. De-technifying the typical workday and business logic in one.

One tool – undreamt-of possibilities
Visual CMS is an ideal tool for quickly achieving your goals. It is the perfect basis for agencies and partners who are open to completely new earning opportunities through the creation of custom widgets for customers. As a customer, you get a compliant, CI-compatible and convincing result, even with little data. Quick, easy and fully coordinated! You too can earn cash and stand out from the competition with an accomplished and unique presence.

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