OXID eShop Enterprise Edition - Der Umsatzgarant unter den Onlineshops

Enterprise shop system guarantees revenue:

OXID eShop Enterprise Edition

The high-performance shop system

for SMEs and groups with high requirements

OXID eShop Enterprise Edition is the shop system for businesses with established IT structures. Are you ambitious and want to digitally advance your business? Nationally and internationally? You can expect a short implementation phase, rapid market entry and global target groups.

Rely on the shop software that the best in the industry work with: matratzen-concord.de “Overall Winner and Best Discounter” in the Shop Usability Award 2018 bergfreunde.de “Best Sport and Outdoor Shop”, calida.com “Best Fashion Shop” or reisenthel.de “Accessories and Gifts”. Because it’s worth it.

These customers have already done it

The shop system that grows with you

Nothing is as constant as change. E-commerce is an area that is developing more rapidly than any other.

Be on the safe side with the OXID eShop.

  • Be ready for the future when it comes to your shop system.
  • Stay flexible and grow at your own pace.
  • You will successfully expand into international business.

Convenient internationalisation

50% of the world’s population use the internet. The potential for online commerce beyond borders is virtually unlimited.

How to manage cross-border trade.

  • Multilingual capability: Always speak the right language.
  • Create sub-shops with their own brands or product ranges.
  • Manage duties, taxes, currencies and legal matters.

Clean system integration

An online shop wins over customers with convincing products, emotive images and good usability. But not only that.

The shop system from OXID can do more:

  • Integrate external systems: ERP, PIM, CRM, CMS, etc.
  • Interfaces for ERP system integration.
  • Multi-channel marketing. Multi-marketplace marketing.

Content commerce works

Offer your customers attractive shopping worlds anywhere, on any device. And exceed their expectations.

Stand out with OXID software:

  • The responsive design is effective on any end device.
  • Emotive content in the online shop makes your customers loyal.
  • Visual CMS: Create shopping worlds using drag and drop.

Personalisation with OXID AI

The IQ-Booster for your E-Commerce

Our shop software in use

Overview of functions and benefits

High scalability with consistent performance

Every second counts, at Christmas, Easter or on Black Friday

57% of all online consumers leave a website if it hasn’t loaded after 3 seconds. 40% don’t come back. Short loading times are proven to have a positive effect on the shopping experience. The first impression made on a visitor is how long it takes for the site to load. If the loading time is disappointing, the visitor will be soon gone. And at peak times?

We specialise in performance optimisation for operation under maximum load

Targeted adaptations of the source code and layout of your online shop can minimise codes, compress HTML files, decrease image sizes and reduce redirects. You don’t need to worry about seasonal business and running one-off marketing campaigns. For satisfied, loyal customers.

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Intelligent caching is a must

Customer satisfaction falls by 16% for every second they have to wait for a page to load. Conversion decreases by 7% at the same time. Not in the OXID online shop. In addition to improving the source code and shop layout, system and server optimisation is also required. Caching is standard for us. For short loading times and maximum availability.

Relieve the strain on your web server and database with Memcache

With Memcache, important data is available in the main memory. This minimises hard drive access as well as retrieval of complex and frequent database queries by the user. Not only does this improve performance, it also saves time and processing power. If the number of users to a site greatly increases, the loading time is considerably reduced and visitors are satisfied.

Relieve the strain on your web server with Varnish.

Varnish is a cache that is connected between the web server and the user enquiry. It saves every query and the response from the server. If the same query is made again, it is loaded directly from the main memory. The result is that the strain on the web server is relieved and response times are faster. The number of possible queries in your shop can rise without causing problems. And without you having to invest in additional hardware.

Everything under control with Cache Manager

As a superordinate management and control tool, the Cache Manager enables you to use caching technologies quickly and easily, according to whatever the current situation requires. Rapidly respond to changes in user numbers and always keep control of loading times at your end.

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Master/slave architecture: Better safe than sorry

In principle, an individual database server does not pose a risk for the safe operation of your online shop. However, spreading the shop over several database servers keeps read and write access separate – the master/slave principle. Access is optimally allocated and more quickly retrievable. This reduces strain on the central database. The result is that the shop can withstand permanent load and can be quickly scaled if required.

This is even more interesting

Flexible hosting: Server capacity is always optimum

With flexible hosting, capacity dynamically adapts to current requirements. Additional capacity is switched on during peaks in demand and shut down again for normal operation. Good hosts use application monitoring, i.e. they run their own automated scripts. If these scripts indicate long loading times, appropriate action can be immediately taken. This means, for example, that hardware is always optimum during seasonal business without having to pay for unnecessary server capacity.

Your online distribution is expanding

Multi-client capability – win new customers, all over the world
The multi-client capability of OXID eShop Enterprise Edition is fully developed and freely configurable. You can use it to quickly and easily make as many sub-shops as you need for specific brands or product ranges. You manage the data centrally and control it locally. Each of these sub-shops can be integrated into its own external system and have its own modules.

Internationalisation or strengthening your presence on the domestic market
The OXID shop system is highly adaptable in terms of technology, but also in terms of design, special content, product ranges, currencies and tax rates. Thanks to simple scalability and rapid integration into existing systems, you can adapt clients quickly and individually, whether you want to now digitally expand your business model and various product ranges abroad, or would rather integrate lots of retailers and expand your network and offers domestically. New customer groups and sales are guaranteed.


Speak the right language from A to Z

Multilingual capability is a basic requirement for expanding your online presence abroad. However, just translating the software into a different language isn’t enough. When the first orders come in, you need to respond. Responses that our shop system gives in terms of language and payment, as well as distribution, marketing and logistics. International payment services, e.g. payment providers in France or taxing services in the USA, can be integrated. Offer your new target group abroad what they are looking for: exciting products that the domestic market might not be able to offer.


The right product range for the right target group
Multi-client capability enables a shop operator to set up an independent sub-shop for each different product range. These sub-shops can then be managed centrally in Admin. An electronics retailer, for example, that sells only computers and accessories in one shop and TV and Hi-Fi in another, will be able to attract and serve the relevant target group much better in a dedicated shop than would be possible in a “one-in-all” shop. Retailers that want to make the leap into a new market can start with a certain product range for test purposes. This is also based on manageable investment and entails a calculable risk.

Implement rapidly and earn money online

Our shop system fits into your IT system landscape

Many business have an established IT infrastructure. OXID software allows you to build on what’s there. ERP system, PIM, CMS or CRM: There is no system that has not already been linked into an OXID eShop. This process is often painful but, in most cases, successful. The result is that your ERP system smoothly controls order management and order processing, whether it’s stationary, mobile or online. Linking logistics and fulfilment services is straightforward. Third-party providers for address checking, credit checking, payment processes and collection services are also involved. Fully coordinated.

Product bundles with predefined interfaces




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Multi-channel marketing equals increase in turnover
In the fiercely competitive world of B2C online commerce, you need to market your products using as many channels as possible. This increases the visibility of your product range and the presence of your brand – which increases revenue. Furthermore, many customers looking for a product are starting to use price comparison sites, such as billiger.de, ciao, idealo, Google Shopping, Google Adwords, eBay, Amazon or Geizhals. Using pre-configured interfaces, you can control marketing campaigns by time, product range or by situation in external channels. This enables you to make full use of your online shop’s potential and to reach your customers through every conceivable channel.


Content marketing and responsive design

Design that speaks for you
In the design area, for example, you can replace the logo and the background image, and show or hide various elements of the interface. That gives you many design options for your individualised presence. With just a few clicks, you can pick up on the latest trends and respond to them in seconds. This proves that you are up to date.

Responsive Theme Flow connects
In the social media area, you can link to popular channels from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube or even your business blog (WordPress). This transforms your online shop from a purely sales platform into a communication platform. Connect with your existing customers and potential new customers. Your presence will now be 24/7 – particularly on smartphones.



For greater visibility and intelligent controlling
Using the API function in Flow, a product can be placed directly in Google Shopping and monitored in Google Analytics. This happens using a tracking ID that creates the link to the required Google account. This opens up an additional channel for presenting your portfolio and you benefit from efficient controlling using an out-of-the-box interface for high-performance Google Analytics. That way you’re always learning something new.

E-commerce CMS for skilled storytelling

Visual CMS is more than just front end CMS
A sustainable shopping experience needs more than just good usability. A modern online shop must inform, explain, entertain and even move visitors. It can only do that if the content is good. Manage content with our e-commerce CMS. It is OXID-specific, an integral part of the shop software and can directly access its data. It can present products, categories, campaigns and much more. This is enormously beneficial compared with TYPO3 and conventional CMS.

A successful fusion of three systems in one!
If you want to transform your online shop into an attractive business card, choose the OXID shop system. We give you three systems in the same shop software: content management, campaign management and shop data management! This symbiosis saves you valuable time and allows you to act quickly and easily, without system interruptions. A dream for every brand manufacturer. Shopping worlds are just a few clicks away. For a strong brand and corporate identity.

Out-of-the-box with many widgets on board
Freely create content with the WYSIWYG editor. Position images and show or hide elements in the front end however you like. The main advantage is that you have direct access to products in the shop, you can present a specific product range, create links, advertise and much more. The only limit is your imagination.

You ponder over the content, while visual CMS does the rest
Visual CMS is suitable for any corporate identity and especially smaller online shops. Your marketers will love it. You focus on what you want to say. The framework and structure have already been taken care of. You can confidently focus all of your energy onto conquering market niches and very specifically serving new target groups with content – ‘wow’ effect included.



More possibilities for partners, agencies and customers
An agency can help if a customer’s business needs a widget that is not included in the standard. It can develop a dedicated customer widget for the customer following specifications. Any layperson will be able to use this widget without technical knowledge and will find precisely what they need. ‘De-technifying’ the typical workday and business logic in one.

One tool – Unimaginable possibilities
Visual CMS is an ideal tool for quickly scoring points with online marketing. It is the perfect basis for agencies and partners who are open to completely new earning opportunities through the creation of custom widgets for customers. As a customer, you get a compliant, CI-compatible and convincing result, even with little data. Quick, easy and fully coordinated! You too can earn cash and stand out from the competition with successful landing pages and unique marketing campaigns.