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OXID Professional Services is your e-commerce catalyst. The team has been supporting sophisticated e-commerce projects for OXID partners and customers since 2013. Their extensive specialist and industry know-how comes from numerous projects with diverse framework conditions and technical scenarios. The powerful combination of expertise as a partner and manufacturer minimises operational risks and guarantees premium quality and low TCO.

We make success happen fast for your business model. How fast? Read here how the e-food specialist getnow.com went live in just 2 months.


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Professional services for OXID customers and partners

Flexible project management

Scrum wins - from requirements analysis to project completion. We provide you with targeted and reliable support for your shop system. Flexible, agile and with a short TTM. Winner of an award from GPM,the German representative of IPMA.

Performance assessment

Are you planning e-commerce growth? We offer you support for analysing and optimising your system. We use modern tools to make your potential visible. For stability and performance under peak loads.


Software architecture that suits you! Our experienced team gets your system fit for optimised interworking of all processes, system components, interfaces and services. Future-proof, international and across all channels. Low TCO, highly efficient and a worthwhile investment.

Requirements management

Do you need estimates that stand up to scrutiny, before the start of your project? Do you want to minimise risks, avoid wasting time and always keep an eye on business value? We offer you tested requirements management. Suitable for a diverse range of project types and requirements.

Quality Audit

We examine your system and show you approaches for improving quality. These approaches can include adherence to coding standards, integration and certification of extensions, automated tests, deployment line or security. Feel free to get in touch!

E-Commerce Operation Strategy

Don’t use a sledgehammer to crack a nut: run your system proportionately from the beginning. Benefit from our experience in sizing and scaling during peak periods. We and our partners will be happy to advise you.

Mercedes-Benz GTC

15% more orders after relaunch using OXID Professional Services

“The OXID Professional Services Team worked very hard in close co-operation with us to re-configure specific and complex process requirements and implement them in a timely manner,” says Sascha Godawa, Head of Online Trade and Product Management, MB GTC GmbH, about working with the OXID Professional Services Team.

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