Benefit as a vendor at OXID eXchange

As software manufacturer you can offer your own free and paid extensions at OXID eXchange.

Create account

To start providing your extensions at OXID eXchange you have to create an account on our website. You can find a registration form here.

Upload extension

As soon as you have created an account you can upload extensions. You can find information about how to do it in our Extension Upload Manual (German).

After you have successfully uploaded your extension the review process starts. We check the following criteria:

  • (Short) description is available in English and in German and is not longer than 250 characters 
  • The descriptions in both languages are not longer than 2000 characters and contain no pictures, tables or videos
  • Text is not formatted
  • Extension teaser icon has the size of 170x170 px

If your extension doesn't meet these criteria you will receive an e-mail with recommended changes. Once the review is completed successfully your extension goes live and is ready for sale at OXID eXchange.

When uploading a new extension or extension version as well as when re-uploading a new zip-package or changing the price a new review process takes place.

The review process may take up to three working days. 

Certify extension

Based on technical unit testing and code reviews, the OXID module certification guarantees high quality of code. To ensure the module maintainability, code quality and software design will be inspected according to OXID standards. 

Become a partner

Benefit as OXID Platform Partner from our attractive cooperation conditions, e.g. common marketing campaigns with OXID.

Your advantages with OXID eXchange:

  • Your presence in the central marketplace for OXID eShop extensions
  • Attractive cooperation conditions
  • Common marketing campaigns with OXID 

Important information:


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at extensions[at]