B2B e-business

The above term is used by experts to describe the latest trend in the business-to-business area. Essentially, it means that your corporate clients expect the same added value which they know from the B2C area, at the online shop. This includes perfect usability, multi-layered search and navigation options, new kinds of assistance such as chat support, 3D views of special construction elements, explanatory videos, availability notices and diverse shipping and payment options.

E-commerce expert Brian Walker believes that, first and foremost, personal contact with the customer offers a significant competitive advantage. This personal contact with the customer gives you greater customer satisfaction and allows you to achieve significantly enhanced customer loyalty. Further studies show that the huge costs saved through the implementation of an online shop as part of an e-business strategy in the B2B area increases the profit margin, guaranteeing a fast ROI.

Sindopower, for example, exploits the advantages of e-business, offering support in the customer’s own language, payment in the customer’s own currency, and shipment with INCOTERM DDP that delivers packages to the customer without any import formalities, as if they were domestic consignments. In this way the company creates real added value for its corporate customers.

If you too would like to offer your customers added value, our Sales department will be happy to assist you.