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Fashion Commerce

Fashion in internet means fabulous web shops and awesome product presentations. To deserve customers’ loyalty it is particularly important to have a feeling for a suitable fashion collection and design. However, it is not in itself sufficient to fascinate demanding customers with something new day after day. They shop quite spontaneously, where they want and when they want.

Multichannel commerce means concentrated sales through all channels. Point of sale (PoS), web shop, mobile app and social media open up a lot of opportunities for higher customer loyalty, higher market share and increasing sales. Consequent brand management along the whole Customer Journey is a source of success.

Internet as a platform for transaction and social networking creates a new shopping world, which has great potential for the fashion industry. Large-sized representations of fashion collections, innovative animations or 360-degree fashion show live broadcasts are paying off, not least by conversion.

Best practices such as QR code shopping with posters show that an intelligent combination of e-commerce and local on-site business becomes possible by setting Customer Journey contact points. The example of fashion industry demontstrates many of the existing opportunities, from short-term sales-oriented arrangements such as couponing up to sustainable integrated branding campaigns. By using a PoS terminal you can reorder not available products and browse through the stock searching a suitable pant for the blazer you bought online before.

Our customers are not just rational price comparators, but also demanding fashion shoppers looking for brand experience. If we offer more emotions and inspiration instead of pure information, user becomes a loyal customer.