Identifying opportunities

Innovative business models

Nowhere are so many new business ideas being born as on the Internet. The idea of giving the online shop a doorman, for example, is almost outdated already. “Private sales” or “group shopping” are the terms used for those online shops where only members can make purchases. It is specifically in this area that it is even more important to develop a strategy and deploy solutions that can be flexibly adapted to meet the customer’s needs.

With “mass customization” – actually a contradiction in terms – companies want to meet the customer’s increasing demand for individuality while, at the same time, remaining less expensive than “real” custom manufacture. The increased use of rich media and special 3D views is particularly important here, so that the customer can visualize the appearance of the customized product as clearly as possible.

Woonio is innovative in two ways: On the one hand, this Kempten-based company’s business model banks entirely on the mass customization of a huge range of interior furnishings while, on the other, the furniture segment itself is still very underrepresented on the Internet today. The customer can individually configure dining tables, writing desks, beds and other items directly online and then have them delivered to his home.

Ideas that transfer the traditional into the new world, exploiting the advantages of e-commerce for these old business models, are also highly regarded. Emmas Enkel not only has an online shop, but also sells its goods in a local store. Thanks to the possibility of shopping by using the iPad installed there, old and new are combined.

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