Selling on all channels


Anna, a 15-year-old girl, would like to buy herself a new dress. She has researched the various dresses at home, and has already reserved one in the shop. Now she is standing in the local store and has also fallen in love with a top that she would like to take with her. Unfortunately, her size isn’t in stock. She decides to take the dress she reserved straight away. The top will be delivered conveniently to her home address, and she will pay for it by PayPal at the OXID eShop POS.

Admittedly, this story is made up, but it really could happen like that in the next year. The future belongs to multi-channel strategies or multi-touchpoint strategies – something that is recognized not only by us at OXID but also by leading commercial experts such as the Institute for Commercial Research (IfH) or the market research company (GfK), and well-known consultancies such as Accenture or Forrester. Integrated commerce at several touchpoints – i.e. intersection points between the company and its customer – is predicted to grow by up to 78%. This is significantly more than the forecast for pure online commerce, although a rosy future is predicted here as well. The volume of transactions at mobile touchpoints is also taking on gigantic dimensions. In the first three quarters of 2011, for example, PayPal notched up sales of USD 170 million in Germany from mobile transactions. Worldwide, PayPal is expecting sales from mobile transactions to grow by 500%.

The customer of tomorrow expects omnipresent traders who offer a standardized yet extraordinary shopping experience at every touchpoint of the so-called customer journey. The winners here will be those traders who make it possible for their customers to use every touchpoint to inform themselves about, evaluate and buy products, without difficulty.

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