OXID eShop mobile theme

Sell where your clients want to, and 24/7

The stats for access made by mobile devices clearly show the extension of smart phones and tablets can’t be slowed. As an online merchant using OXID eShop you have to be prepared for that movement.

OXID eShop mobile theme offers exactly this functionality, with an optimized usability for smart phones without influencing the updatability of your system. Download OXID eShop mobile theme from the international marketplace for OXID eShop extensions, OXID eXchange and by tommorow be ready to welcome “couch surfers” !





  • quick and simple installation
  • simple customization to your own CI/CD via LESS technology (see documentation)
  • high performance and good usability thanks to the Twitter bootstrap technology
  • your regular browser theme will be redirected to the OXID eShop mobile theme for users with mobile devices



The OXID eShop mobile theme and the provided  theme switch module are distributed under the open source license GPLv3 and so can be used by online merchants with any OXID eShop edition.

In order to develop OXID eShop mobile theme the community way, it is possible to join the core team at GitHub.

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