Winning customers – and their loyalty

You can have a significant influence on a shop’s sales figures – irrespective of whether a local store or online – through the targeted use of different marketing activities.

It is specifically in the area of online business, however – where the customer often makes split-second decisions to buy or not to buy – that even the smallest factors can make the difference. Here the shop operator needs to deploy an effective marketing mix in order to win new customers and to ensure the long-term satisfaction and loyalty of existing customers.

When it comes to choosing and shaping marketing tools, the OXID Platform offers almost unlimited scope. Thus the OXID eShop is already search engine optimized as standard and, combined with the integration of all well-known online marketplaces, ensures that products can be located quickly and easily on the World Wide Web.

Deep social media integration and the OXID eShop’s numerous marketing tools round out the OXID Platform’s marketing portfolio.


Satisfied customers become active salespeople

  • Integration of all well-known marketplaces and social media platforms
  • Deeply integrated search engine optimization and in-shop marketing tool

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