Order fulfillment and logistics

The product range and appealing presentation are extremely important to the success of an online shop. However, another aspect that is at least as important for successful sales is order fulfillment following the actual ordering process.

The payment process, dispatch and returns management must dovetail seamlessly and work smoothly. It takes more than convincing products and emotional visual language to achieve sustained customer satisfaction; fast order fulfillment, short delivery times, customer-friendly service and smooth returns handling are at least equally important.

Working with established payment and debt collection providers, the OXID Platform offers all standard payment methods as well as the possibility of undertaking direct credit checks, to avoid non payment. Furthermore, well-known logistics partners guarantee fast and smooth package delivery.

and logistics

Seamlessly integrated

  • Integration of all well-known ERP and payment providers
  • Logistics and fulfillment partners for B2C and B2B

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