Creating a unique shopping experience

Faced with the constantly growing choice of online providers, it is becoming increasingly difficult to set oneself apart from the crowd. If a shop operator succeeds in giving his customer an outstanding shopping process, one great obstacle has already been overcome.

The group of customers won in this way is enormously valuable for both the business and for sales, as the members will not only be inclined to make repeated purchases, but they will also become active salespeople themselves by recommending the operator’s shop on social networks.

Innovative business models, appealing product presentation and multimedia content help to create a unique shopping experience, making a lasting impact on the minds of the clientele.With the OXID Platform, all of the prerequisites are in place to meet these requirements.

The OXID eShop’s smart template system stands apart because of the huge scope available for designing the shop, and because of the product presentation.

The platform has also been optimized for use in multi-channel commerce. In order to offer customers a standardized shopping experience even when they’re traveling, the OXID Platform can be easily and cost-efficiently expanded by adding a mobile channel. The app in question uses the central data on the OXID platform, so that the shop operator doesn’t need to do any additional editing work.

OXID eShop POS is an extension of the OXID Platform that combines the advantages of a local shop with the world of online commerce. This innovative solution, which is based on polytouch technology, accesses the full product information on the OXID Platform in real time, and creates an all-round fascinating shopping experience directly on the device – from safe transactions to payments – using unique presentation elements, intuitive navigation and augmented reality.

Shopping experience

Unique and thrilling

  • Integrated content management system
  • Complete freedom in designing templates

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