Solution Case Enterprise Upgrade

Multi-client capability enables web brand establishment


Converting to the multi-client capable OXID eShop 5.0 Enterprise Edition solved a number of challenges facing the online shop of lodenfrey.com: it accommodates the growth of the large fashion portal and increases performance. A second brand of the company is also being housed on the same platform, enabling the operation of both online shops with one and the same system.

The concept developed by lodenfrey.com is proving successful: a no-nonsense claim to premium quality, a high-quality appearance, large-format photos and many functions as unique selling propositions: the online shop of long-standing fashion retailer "LODENFREY München am Dom" is not only winning awards such as the coveted "e-Star" of the Online-Handelskongresses in 2012, it is also continuously expanding: a monthly traffic increase of 20 per cent is no rare occurrence, reports Ralf Mager, Online Manager at lodenfrey.com. The shop's midterm goal is now considered as being tangibly close: lodenfrey.com wants to contribute double percentage figures to the total turnover of the historic Munich company that was founded in 1842.

More functionality - less performance

Infrastructure expansion

To enable this goal to be reached as soon as possible, Ralf Mager and partner agency norisk GmbH expanded the online shop and implemented numerous additional functions. The online shop now boasts a total of 32 extension modules added since going online in September 2010. However, this more in functionality came at a price: the shop's performance began to suffer as a result. The situation was untenable for the fashion house in the long-term. Moreover, LODENFREY is under close observation by the entire German fashion segment, as Ralf Mager knows only too well; he emphasizes: "That is why every aspect of our shop must be associated with absolute quality." It therefore became clear to the manager from Munich in 2013 that the award-winning online shop would have to expand its infrastructure to stay abreast of its own success. For lodenfrey.com this meant: upgrading the web shop from OXID eShop Professional Edition to OXID eShop Enterprise Edition, Release 5.0. The upgrade enabled lodenfrey.com to create a basis for scalable e-commerce growth. Lodenfrey.com started with a single web server and an option to add additional servers. The OXID eShop 5.0 Enterprise Edition already features an appropriate master/slave configuration. This enables a reduction in the load placed on the master database, which in turn means that data can be returned at a faster rate. The system also features a cashing function by norisk GmbH that enables a greater number of unique visitors to access the website.

"The changeover to the OXID eShop Enterprise Edition worked very well. We are particularly pleased with the update capability of our e-commerce solution. It is especially advantageous that our proprietary module developments can accommodate the release change without any restrictions."

Ralf Mager, Online Manager Loden-Frey Verkaufshaus GmbH & CO. KG


On the catwalk of online retail:
Lodenfrey.com sets trends in e-commerce

Two brands - one editor
Multi-client capability

Converting to the Enterprise Edition holds an additional benefit for LODENFREY, namely that the online shop of the lodenfrey.com brand "OFF & CO" (offandco.com) no longer requires separate additional administration. The multi-client capability of the OXID eShop Enterprise Edition makes it possible: today, offandco.com is operated as a standalone client. The long-standing Munich fashion house is very pleased with the solution: changes are immediately available in both shops and there is no need to do everything twice. LODENFREY can also handle the regular updates with little effort: they are simply transferred once a week.

Benchmarks for the segment

Expanded by additional functions

The fact that additional functionalities are easily integrated and external modules connect very simply is an additional benefit of the OXID eSales software in the eyes of lodenfrey.com. Fashion label lodenfrey.com utilizes this extendibility and has integrated a number of additional functions it considers as benchmarks:

  • lodenfrey.com uses the Shop-in-Shop function to operate additional brand shops. The interface to the Contenido CMS guarantees easy content management and maintenance. An additional interface to the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system keeps details of prices and availability up to date in the online shop.
  • The Style function even enables customers to order complete clothing combinations - an indispensable must-have for leading fashion labels. 
  • lodenfrey.com is one of the first German fashion websites to allow logins from a Facebook account.
  • The Quick-Check-Out saves many steps in the order process as it enables purchases to be made from an overview page. Last but not least, LODENFREY appreciates the integration of email service provider Inxmail in the OXID eShop system.

All the data relating to Newsletter recipients is maintained within the OXID environment. "We have a front end for the customer catalog, and that is very convenient", says Ralf Mager. Lodenfrey.com is also well-known for its intensive social media presence: the company operates a fully-fledged Facebook shop, whilst its comprehensive Pinterest pages also reflect Lodenfrey's offline fashion world. All products from lodenfrey.com, all watch lists and orders can be posted to all major social media channels with just a few mouse clicks.

Trend-setter for fashion and e-commerce

Facts at a glance

  • Different shops served by a single system
  • Shop-in-Shop function supports independent sub-brands
  • More performance for increasing traffic
  • Third-party modules easily integrated
  • Emailing integration facilitates customer dialog
  • Quick-Buy function directly on the overview page