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Do you need a little more?

Are you looking for exciting white papers and case studies from our customers? Or are you looking for product brochures of OXID eShop? Then you will find what you are looking for in the resource center. 

OXID ressource center

Whether white paper, case study or product brochure. You'll find what you're looking for in the resource center.

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For developers, shop operators and shop administrators

The developer documentation contains all the information for programmers to customize and extend OXID eShop. In the developer documentation, our developers write about topics such as installation, development environment, system architecture, store components, and development of modules and themes. The OXID forge is the channel for developers. In our OXID forum the community (German and English speaking) meets and discusses topics around the OXID eShop.


The user documentation provides information about OXID eShop for store operators, store administrators and technicians.

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OXID Forge

The Developer Channel - here you will find information from "Getting started with OXID eShop" to "Contributing to OXID eShop".

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OXID Forum

Discuss various e-commerce and software issues. Ask your questions, get help and support new members of our active community.

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