Your requirements

If you want to get your project moving as quickly as possible, we will help you or your partner to analyze the business needs, develop concepts and set up the requirements. No matter whether you prefer a classical process model and need to produce functional or technical specifications, or whether you follow an agile approach and you want the initial backlog to be filled and the user stories and use cases for the first iterations sharpened up – we are there to help you.

  • Jump start
  • Removal of uncertainties
  • Project teams acting in concert

Architecture consultancy

Would you like advice on how to implement your system from the ground up? Or how to integrate the shop and SOA services into your existing system landscape? Or how to ready your system for international or major installations?

  • Integration with back-end, PIM, ERP
  • Internationalization
  • Major installations

Sizing & scaling

Do you want to determine your hardware needs for your transaction rates and your quantity structure in good time? We calculate these for you early on. But we can put your mind at rest right now: Our products remain modest even when throughput is high.

  • Hardware needs
  • Quantity structure
  • Transaction rates

Technical consultancy for e-commerce and shops

Do you have special technical issues for which you would like competent analysis and processing? We will help you in all areas, be it optimizing your database, integration with back-end systems for internationalization, or many other issues. Talk to us!

  • Special issues
  • Optimization
  • Integration and interfaces

Next steps