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If you have been actively looking for a job for some time now, you will be by now very familiar with the following sentence: "We are one of the leading providers of…“ However, when it comes to us, that is actually true! OXID offers a powerful and proven e-commerce solution for the DACH region. Companies such as Deutsche Post, Edeka, Schiesser and Mercedes Benz, all operate an OXID online store. Our platform is known for a high level of flexibility, individuality and quality. That sounds all good, but it still doesn't come close to explain the full extent of our success.

That's because we are different. And you cannot attribute that to our product alone. And not merely to us either. Instead, it is the sum of all that, which we like to call the OXID ecosystem: unique clients, every individual employee, qualified partners, an active community of more than 35,000 developers, a valued service, a helpful support team and our academy, which is always ready to dispense expertise. OXID is all that.


Work for OXID

E-commerce – a job with a future

We are not a startup-company any longer. Just like the e-commerce industry, we have matured considerably over the past few years. We still do not know boredom. First of all, because the e-commerce market is changing so quickly, we continuously had to improve ourselves. Secondly, because as employees we have the freedom to work on things that we find most interesting.

Would you like to join us here at OXID?

... in one of the most exciting industries that you can find anywhere,
... as part of a team, where everyone is on the same level,
... where you can feel just like at home when you are at work,
... indulging in ultimate creative freedom
... and actually achieve something through your work?

Then you are right with us!

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"What I like about OXID is that you don't have to weigh every single word you speak, that we joke together, have fun and support each other."

Nicole Lipphardt, Content Marketing Manager

"I look out from the OXID balcony at the roofs of Freiburg and I get the feeling that I am working on something that almost every single person needs and which really touches our lives."

Thomas Eichhorn, Sales Manager

"I can make important decisions independently and enjoy the fact that I am listened to and that my work is appreciated."

Sebastian Pflug, Marketing Team Leader

"At OXID I find it quite easy to juggle my job and my family time, without having to make all kinds of crazy compromises."

Julia Klink, Event Marketing Manager

"Following my privately relocation from Freiburg to Hamburg I can still continue working for OXID from my home office and find the perfect balance between family time and my professional life."

Heike Reuter, Developer

"I like working at OXID, because I just love the collegial and friendly business environment."

Nafissa Khayar, Partner Manager



It doesn't matter if you are young or a senior professional. We are looking for employees who are motivated but also fully committed and passionate about what they do. For our clients, the company and our colleagues.

Students, pupils and other temporary staff

We are always looking for talented individuals who would like to get some practical experience along with their studies in school. We offer internships in both the technical or business management areas. There is much work to do for anyone who is willing to get the job done.

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Nothing here that you find particularly interesting? We still want to get to know you! Who knows? Perhaps your unsolicited application will reach us at just the right time and we will end up having the perfect job for you in the very near future.

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