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Get started quicker: The secure way to a profitable online shop.

Individual & easy to implement: our e-commerce solution puts you in the lead

By acting quickly and dynamically in online business, leading the way in convenience and outstanding services, and exceeding your customers’ personal expectations for an online shop, you will consistently maintain your competitive position. From start-ups to SMEs and groups – the outstanding possibilities of our shop software will benefit you. The various editions of our proven e-commerce solution meet you and your customers where you want to begin. And with your individually expandable and unlimited possibilities, get you to your sales goals.


Secure yourself a profitable lead while others are still searching for solutions. We have created shop software that integrates precisely into your digital business strategy and IT systems. With our excellent agency partners, we can offer you the integrated, intelligent solutions relied on by the most powerful online businesses in the industry. Our impressive references show you how.

What makes OXID so flexible?

  • Quicker to implement thanks to short TTM (time to market)
  • Flexibly adaptable to your needs
  • Scalable with your business
  • Transparent and 100% decoded


For the best:

OXID eShop Enterprise Edition

One of the most profitable solutions
among the top 1000 online shops

For all businesses with established structures, ambitious objectives and high requirements that want to move their e-commerce into the fast lane. Nationally and internationally, our Enterprise shop system gets you where you want to be – in the lead. Multilingual capability, currencies even legal matters – You can tap into new markets. Achieve customer loyalty on an emotional level and make an impression with the convenient usability of your shop solutions.

To improve processes, integrate external systems such as ERP, PIM, CRM or CMS. Just a brief implementation phase and you can offer your customers more than just an online shop. Give them the perfect omnichannel experience.

Enterprise Edition

Do more business:

OXID eShop Enterprise B2B Edition

The award-winning B2B shop systems

for all manufacturers and retailers who want to offer their business customers more than EDI interfaces. Digitise your sales with our high-performance platform so that they are more focused on your customers. Genuine convenience for company purchasing and for sales with business customers. Because your customers expect what they experience in online retail shops from a B2B shop as well.

With your B2B shop system you have round-the-clock presence and can satisfy your customers with additional services. They can manage their purchases in the shop exactly according to their individual requirements. Our platform gives you a secure overview of all data which cuts down your administrative workload and streamlines the order processes. You can create the best solution for your business and for your customers.

Enterprise B2B Edition

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When shopping becomes an experience

From a feeling of excitement to an impressive business



The all-round, worry-free package

For beginners, start-ups and quick starters who are looking for everything shop systems need to do in an e-commerce solution – including many out-of-the-box functionalities. Get online and onto the market faster and leave the competition in the starting blocks. The flexible all-round, worry-free shop system adapts to your needs and can be effectively expanded according to your success and growing needs.

Offer your users what they want. With shop software that is equipped for future-proof online commerce. We give you security for your business with an outstanding e-commerce solution Made in Germany,and that goes for service and support too. Get off to a professional start.

Professional Edition,

For newcomers to online shops:

OXID eShop Community Edition

The free Open Source shop

For the curious, beginners and anybody who wants to try out our software at no cost first and add a full online shop to their website. The OXID eShop Community Edition offers you the many benefits of the high-performance Professional and Enterprise editions which are otherwise only available at a cost. Concentrate fully on your success without the disadvantages of many comparable free systems.

Sell your products online, test the water and learn what your needs are for a shop system. If you have any questions, the active community of over 45,000 members will be there to help. If you want more, we will be happy to advise you about which of our e-commerce solutions will give your business the edge. Our extensive service & support is available with the OXID eShop Professional, Enterprise and Enterprise B2B Edition.

Community Edition

These customers are already doing better business



Where Amazon and similar platforms have set the bar high for digital shopping, our business shop systems go one higher. Make your offers and services palpable.

Offer individual convenience for e-commerce with high-quality, personally designed usability and increase the visibility of your online shop with powerful features for search engine optimisation.



Now there are no limits to your ideas for a profitable online shop. Ready to start in a short time and with scalable functions, it gets national and international customers excited about your products.

It goes without saying that integration of third-party systems, such as ERP and other software, is also possible according to your requirements. For a particularly efficient realisation of your ideas.

Your benefits at a glance

Time To Market (TTM)

  • extensive Feature set ready for go-live
  • Many available extensions
  • uniquely customisable

Go live quickly and rapidly secure
important market shares!


  • OXID eShop can be scaled with your business
  • High-load function
  • Expansion into international markets

You continue to develop with a system
that keeps up with your needs

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

  • Continuous adaptation to market requirements
  • tried and tested Improve assets.
  • OXID is known on the market for its low TCO .

Project managers have the best arguments
for successfully supporting OXID projects in-house!


  • Highest quality standards in development
  • Processes that have been tried and tested for years
  • 15 years of market know-how

You can be confident about your investment!


  • OXID eShop knows every technical scenario
  • In small or large IT environments
  • up to 1500 sub-shops

You can rely on tried and tested solutions,
and you don’t need to reinvent the wheel!


  • Open Source software
  • 100% decoded
  • Further development via GitHub

OXID Partners collaborative actively on code
and know the current state of development!


  • Core functionality can easily be extended with modules
  • Vast selection of options & tools

Developers extend core functionalities
without having to touch the software code!

Backwards compatible

  • OXID pays attention to backwards compatibility
  • Updates can be carried out securely and efficiently.

We are passionate about protecting
the investments of our customers and partners.