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TOXID Connects OXID eShop with TYPO3 and other CMS

TOXID Connects OXID eShop with TYPO3 and other CMS

By Joscha Krug, Founder Marmalade Group GmbH

I am excited to announce the integration of two powerful open-source systems: OXID eShop and TYPO3 via a new module that we’ve written at marmalade.de. It’s called TOXID, it’s open source and you can even use it to develop connectors for OXID eShop and other CMS as well.The TOXID module remedies the fact that costumers usually have to change back and forth between an online shop and a corporate website, each of them implemented with different software. With TOXID, they become one and thus the user experience is much better.

TOXID connects two powerful systems, namely OXID eShop and TYPO3, and makes it easy to display and manage content from the CMS inside the ecommerce software. That way shop owners can start building a story around their brand and explain their products in greater detail. The shop’s „hard-selling“ layout will gain some softer elements to make a visit even more enjoyable.

In order to deliver content from one system to the other, TOXID can work both ways:

  • TOXID cURL uses OXID as master, making implementation fast and easy, yet does not provide single-sign-on.
  • TOXID OxAPI is currently under development and will put TYPO3 into control using SOAP, giving you all the powerful features such as single-sign-on, flexible layouts, user specific content, etc.

Upcoming versions of both systems will also include caching and product-display on content-pages.

To use TOXID, just configure the CMS of your choice, install and configure the TOXID module inside your OXID eShop (as described in the readme-file or in the installation instructions in the demo) and call your contentparts from your OXID eShop Template. If you want to use TOXID cURL with other CMS different from TYPO3, just make sure to meet the following requirements:

  1. Display absolute paths in your XML-structure (for example yourdomain.com/site.html instead of ../site.html).
  2. Ability to export website data to XML. In any case, your CMS may be installed independently on any server.


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