OXID eShop Visual CMS: Custom Widgets

OXID eShop Visual CMS: Custom Widgets

A CMS (Content Management System) typically is a tool, that facilitates the creation of web content. However, in e-commerce simple web content by far does not satisfy all needs, because references and interactions with shop data (products, categories, campaigns…) are required. Therefore OXID’s new built-in CMS „Visual CMS“ should be seen as a real „e-commerce CMS“. It provides many standard features for e-commerce daily business. Moreover, its OXID module-character allows to easily make use of OXID’s core services and data in order to accelerate customization.

The „Visual CMS“ makes it pretty easy to create custom enhancements, which is a major benefit for shop manufacturers and shop owners. Why

* Shop manufacturers can economically provide custom solutions for their clients. This significantly increases the attractiveness of their offers and distinguishes them from other (standard) solutions.
* Shop owners do not want to adapt their daily content-driven business to the standard usability of a shop. It might slow them down because it was never designed to satisfy their special use-case, e.g. in terms of corporate design. Shop owners want the shop to adapt to their own special processes, which is why creating custom widgets is a perfect alternative. Plus: the better a widget has been designed, the less technical or web know-how is required by those who will create web content in the end. Less specialists means less costs.

Imagine you wanted to create a recurring element for the shop front end. Let’s say, your landing pages need a „box“ element as shown in the picture above. Requirements for it:
– You want to set a background picture
– You want to enter a certain text or message

If a user moves his mouse over this element, other things should happen:
– An extra text should appear
– A color effect should bleach the background picture a bit in a smooth fade
– The element should be clickable and direct you to a specified product of your shop

Now in terms of corporate design there are many things to consider. Both, message positions and styles should always be consistent. The mouse-over effects must be the same for all elements. All these points are essential to make a professional impression when it comes to corporate design. Then there is a technical component as well, as you need to specify the URL of a certain product in a clickable element. All these necessities should not hinder the primary goal to create what it is all about: content driven shopping worlds.

Creating picture-only solutions fails when it comes to multilingual pages or SEO. Giving the user a high degree of freedom by providing WYSIWYG editors and code terminals will pretty sure result in flaws of the corporate design. So, in this case an ideal solution would be a mask for a content creator, where only content-relevant things can be entered and the rest is automatically done by the widget.

These were just a few examples of what can be achieved with custom widgets. A solution like this can be created by a developer in a few steps. A customer afterwards profits from a customized, personalized and easy to use widget tailored to his special needs and in accordance to his corporate design. Just contact us, if you want to know more!

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