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An e-commerce solution with a future

especially in difficult times

E-commerce solutions are more in demand today than ever

Corona crisis hits retail in all areas

E-commerce will emerge as the winner from the Corona crisis. A statement that is often read recently. Sounds logical regarding shutdown and social distancing. But it's not that simple after all.

According to the German E-Commerce and Mail Order Association (bevh), e-commerce is also suffering from the corona pandemic. In March 2020, sales were almost 20 percent below the previous year's level. Shopping morale is generally poor in times of crisis. This does not leave e-commerce unaffected.

Although the proportion of parcels sent within a few weeks between mid-March and early April rose by 90 percent, this does not allow any valid conclusions to be drawn. And it is precisely the delivery difficulties that have arisen as a result that prove once again that logistics is the Achilles' heel of e-commerce. Nevertheless, there are e-commerce winners from the crisis, as well as high losses in industries that are currently having a particularly hard time.


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So why invest in an e-commerce solution right now?

Because there is no alternative to e-commerce in the face of an uncertain future

The shop demise in German city centres is further aggravated by the Corona crisis. Many people shy away from going into a shop even after loosening up. For many businesses, e-commerce is an opportunity to participate in retail in the long term. What's more, e-commerce now offers the chance to make up for long missed opportunities in terms of digitalisation. Not only participate, but help shape it! Many good strategies and best practice examples are there.

We know how to plan your e-commerce project, are happy to be your sparring partner, implement in record time and provide you with long-term support. Come on board! Like over 2000 well-known customers in DACH.


Why an e-commerce solution with OXID Cloud?

Because we offer you a platform that #runs

OXID Cloud

  • #runs stable, proven for many years and further developed
  • # runs in small business, middle class and corporation, because it can grow
  • #runs cost-efficiently, because initial project and running costs are comparatively low
  • #runs worldwide, as many international OXID customers around the globe prove
  • #runs, because there are umpteen easy to integrate modules and extensions
  • #runs fast because our code is lean and optimized for speed
  • #runs solidly, because even large amounts of data and products are processed quickly
  • #runs reliable, because our support is there for you 24/7

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OXID e-commerce solution is used in these industries


No matter in which market you want to be the leader – we will get you there


There are numerous good e-commerce solutions on the market, all of which have their raison d'être. The question of which one is the best cannot be answered easily. In addition to factors such as industry, company size and structure, objectives and customer needs, many other aspects play a major role when choosing an e-commerce solution.

We know projects from every relevant industry in DACH. No matter if retail or mail order, wholesale, industrial or brand manufacturers. Our comprehensive functionalities in OXID eShop, the seamless connection to third-party systems and the possibilities in cross-border trade make your e-commerce strategy a reality. We will help you with this.

Best practice example: Mercedes-Benz Used Parts Center

Revival for used parts

Read our case study to find out how the Professional Services Team implemented a shop relaunch for original used parts for the premium automaker Mercedes-Benz, which directly led to 15 percent more orders in a specific segment of the shop.

To the Case Study of Mercedes-Benz


The OXID Professional Services Team, in close coordination with us, did everything possible to reorganise special and complex process requirements and implement them on schedule.

Sascha Godawa, Head of Online Trading and Product Management, Mercedes-Benz Used Parts Center