How to become a marketplace operator

and why it pays off

Get off to a flying start as a marketplace operator in e-commerce

Unprecedented opportunities for your marketplace strategy

Amazon's market power is a force in e-commerce. Almost two-thirds of all online retailers generate around 30 percent of their sales on marketplaces. And the trend is rising! So why not profit from this trend and launch a marketplace yourself?

The lockdowns of recent years have given the digital sales model "marketplace" a new lease of life. Marketplace operators countered the death of stores in numerous regions with creativity and diversity on the Internet. To the advantage of local retailers and for customers who wanted to remain loyal to their favorite retailer around the corner. Quite incidentally, completely new target groups were gained in online retailing via these marketplaces. Digital shopping is growing through marketplaces, creating regional cohesion and bringing forth new, digital incentives to buy.

We help you, in cooperation with our partner and marketplace expert DIXENO, to become a marketplace operator yourself.

Advantages and potentials for you as a marketplace operator

  • You present more products in breadth and depth than in an online shop
  • New customer groups discover the variety of your offer and use it
  • You establish and strengthen ties with suppliers and the competition
  • A marketplace offers many opportunities for stable sales
  • Diverse brands come together under one roof and create added value for customers and retailers alike
  • Despite the diversity, marketplaces allow specialization for certain topics and offer know-how
  • You learn from your own data and optimize your offer accordingly in the long term

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Successful customers with OXID marketplaces

Niche marketplace

Manufacturer for 3D printing processes runs a marketplace for experts in this segment.

Regional Marketplace

A platform for traders, stores, museums and associations in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Local marketplace

Proximity to the retailer around the corner, in the middle of Germany's city centers.

Marketplaces - A forward-looking business model!

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It all starts with a vision. You have the bright idea for a marketplace, we the marketplace experts in e-commerce. The approach at the beginning of a marketplace project is similar for many customers. Together with our partners:

  • we define your project and develop the strategy,
  • we create the appropriate marketplace categories
  • we determine the sales types,
  • define the user groups,
  • fine-tune the project to perfection,
  • and, if desired, accompany you through the technical implementation
  • to go-live and through the ongoing operation.


Whether partner programs or company listings, the possibilities for you to generate revenue as a marketplace operator are virtually unlimited. We help you find the right revenue drivers for your idea and business model. For example:

  • with service framework agreements
  • through transaction fees
  • through publisher functionalities
  • through monthly basic fees or memberships
  • with the distribution of the own offer

Strong platform for 3D printing

Ein Nischen Marktplatz für spezialisierte Dienstleister

PROTIQ is a well-known manufacturer of 3D printed models, prototypes and components. After the implementation of the B2B store, the idea for a marketplace was born, where not only PROTIQ itself, but also other companies in the industry can display their offerings.

This is how marketplace technology creates added value! Would you like to learn more? Find out more about PROTIQ at our partner DIXENO.

PROTIQ marketplace project


These OXID partners understand marketplaces