How manufacturers can digitize sales channels

and after-sales service

Digital sales and spare parts service in the industrial manufacturing sector

The industrial manufacturing sector is considered to be the second largest industry in Germany. Many so-called hidden champions are behind it and form the backbone of the German economy. However, the industry is facing the biggest change since the third industrial revolution. The challenges are manifold and also threaten the existence of centuries-old companies. But how can companies respond to the change?

Advantages and potentials of a digital sales solution

Digitized sales channels and a digitized after-sales service bring enormous potential for machine builders.

  • Increased customer loyalty and customer lifetime value
  • Great customer experience through digital services
  • Increased profits through networking of products and services
  • Less machine downtime for the customer and thus increased customer satisfaction
  • Optimized R&D and production through direct process integration of error handling

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Numerous machinery manufacturers rely on the solutions from OXID

Become a digital champion with OXID

New technologies and a new generation of decision-makers are driving a development in machinery manufacturing that can no longer be stopped. Is the industry in Germany missing the digital boat? New players are entering the market. Decisions are increasingly being made online, without personal contact with sales. Sensors and other technological innovations offer new opportunities in pricing and service. Business with machines is less and less profitable. Customer loyalty is declining. Sounds worrisome! To stay in the race, the industry must reinvent itself. Solutions must be found, in response to changing conditions.


Your advantages with OXID eShop

  • Direct integration of CAD explosion drawings in the store
  • Deep integration with Qanos CATALOGcreator®
  • Punchout solutions (OCI, cXML, IDS)
  • Service portal for your customers' machines
  • 3D configurator with illustration of individual prices, discount scales
  • Real-time queries of prices and inventories from ERP
  • Integration of CPQ tools

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