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Specific solutions for entire industries

and segments with OXID

That special something with OXID

A web shop is no rocket science. Nowadays, web shops are an absolute standard, customers know how to use them and do have their expectations. Nevertheless, not all webshops are the same. A web shop for fashion or lifestyle is in many ways very different from a web shop in the field of mechanical engineering, electronics or medical technology. Customers in each industry and segment have separate requirements, processes and expectations.

Our vision is to provide highly specific solutions for every industry and segment, which differ from the "standard webshop", so that you can map your business as authentically as possible and your customers receive an optimal shopping experience. This is exactly what we design our OXID eShop for.

Standard e-commerce features: we provide the core functionalities of a modern web shop

Industry layer: our partners with industry expertise implement the core functionalities, special features and customer requirements of the respective industry or segment on the basis of our technology and offer these as a ready-to-use solution

Your USP: our technology stands for customization in time & budget. Your individual touch is what makes your web shop special

A wide variety of industries rely on OXID

We are proud of our numerous references in a wide range of industries and segments. Benefit first-hand from our network of experts and use these advantages to place yourself in the digital fast lane. Take a look at the numerous success stories of our customers, which we would like to present to you here.

OXID e-commerce solution is used in these industries


No matter in which market you want to be the leader – we will get you there


There are numerous good e-commerce solutions on the market, all of which have their raison d'être. The question of which one is the best cannot be answered easily. In addition to factors such as industry, company size and structure, objectives and customer needs, many other aspects play a major role when choosing an e-commerce solution.

We know projects from every relevant industry in DACH. No matter if retail or mail order, wholesale, industrial or brand manufacturers. Our comprehensive functionalities in OXID eShop, the seamless connection to third-party systems and the possibilities in cross-border trade make your e-commerce strategy a reality. We will help you with this.

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Best practice example: Mercedes-Benz Used Parts Center

Revival for used parts

Read our case study to find out how the Professional Services Team implemented a shop relaunch for original used parts for the premium automaker Mercedes-Benz, which directly led to 15 percent more orders in a specific segment of the shop.

To the Case Study of Mercedes-Benz


The OXID Professional Services Team, in close coordination with us, did everything possible to reorganise special and complex process requirements and implement them on schedule.

Sascha Godawa, Head of Online Trading and Product Management, Mercedes-Benz Used Parts Center