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e-commerce projects with deadlines 

Unlimited possibilities through modularity

The OXID eShop is a system that can be extended as desired. Due to the modular design, extensions can be added to the OXID eShop on the one hand, and on the other hand, basic functionalities in the core of the system can be overwritten or even replaced.


The system already offers standard features of a fully comprehensive online store suite for productive use in the market.


The following key features of the OXID eShop are particularly worth mentioning



OXID eShop is a modular system, where extensions are added on the one hand, and basic functionalities in the core of the system are overwritten or even replaced on the other. As a result, developers enjoy enormously high degrees of freedom when working with OXID eShop.


When businesses buy alongside private individuals, things can quickly become complex. B2B requirements are often very different from B2C requirements. OXID eShop offers a large set of B2B functionality out-of-the-box.


The multi-shop and mall concept of OXID eShop has one of the most powerful multi-tenant and subshop capabilities on the market. In internationalization scenarios, additional clients per region or language area can be added in a short time and fully localized. With a marketplace solution, you can aggregate products from different suppliers for a new target group.

Headless API

Omnichannel in a nutshell: One central system, various systems as client systems. With the GraphQL API, it is possible to operate the OXID eShop headless and exchange data with any third-party systems via a fast and variable interface. A must for a consistent customer journey across the various channels.

Performance Bundle

Whether a huge assortment, large amounts of data or peak times with countless requests in the shortest time, all conceivable scenarios have already been mastered with the OXID eShop. The Performance Bundle lays the foundation for the respective high-load scenarios.

Content & Commerce

The Visual CMS is integrated directly into OXID as a content management system and has direct access to all data in the store. Easy-to-use widgets enable store operators to create appealing content without the need of any programming skills. Another highlight is the easy creation of new widgets for customized content elements.


The OXID eShop is cloud-ready. Certified OXID Cloud Partners offer the OXID eShop in the cloud as Platform As A Service (PAAS). Thus, store operators receive professional support in the areas of scaling, security, availability and continuous integration during development.

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Further OXID eShop Features

In addition to the key features mentioned above, OXID eShop has a number of other features. The OXID eShop is a fully comprehensive online store suite with all the important features to meet the high demands of consumers on your store. These include areas such as:

  • Product catalog
  • SEO
  • Rights & roles & User management
  • Search
  • Security
  • Marketing
  • Promotion
  • Conversion optimization
  • Order management
  • Checkout
  • Shipping
  • Internationalization
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Content Management
  • and many more...

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