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What is the OXID eShop?

The OXID eShop is an online shop system, which is one of the leading e-commerce systems in DACH with the experience of 20 years of e-commerce and thousands of installations of well-known customers.

OXID eShop is primarily used in sophisticated and individualized integration projects and is implemented by experienced partners with industry focus. The OXID eShop has countless interfaces to third-party providers, multi-shop functionality, as well as the most relevant B2C and B2B features.

Customers especially appreciate the combination of reliability, scalability and easy customizability of the software, which is why projects with OXID stand for longevity and success. 


Our philosophy

In 20 years of experience in e-commerce, our most important insight is that online shop operators must succeed in transferring their special features, their character and their USP into the digital world. If they fail to do this, at the end of the day they end up having "just an online shop" and the key competitive advantages are lost. Accordingly, individuality is the key success factor for projects. Normally, however, individual solutions in the IT business are very lengthy and expensive and are therefore reserved for only a few companies.

Our mission is to implement high quality and comprehensive e-commerce software with high degrees of freedom, which allows individual customization in a short time. Thus we offer our customers the possibility to realize highly individualized solutions in time & budget. We deliver the fabric and the blank for the "affordable tailor-made suit in e-commerce".

We rely on (implementation) partners with industry focus and proven industry solutions, which can cooperate with our customers at eye level. The typical OXID customer comes from the upper midmarket, differentiates himself through individual business processes and already has an evolved or complex IT infrastructure into which the store must fit.

OXID is particularly interesting for customers with a demand for proven and mature technology, as well as long-term and individual solutions.

Strong brands count on OXID

Your advantages with the OXID eShop

E-commerce is indispensable nowadays and e-commerce providers are now a dime a dozen. In addition to all the advantages that e-commerce offers your company, OXID eShop stands for the following added values in particular:


The OXID eShop #works stable and reliable. Be it large amounts of data or peak times with countless requests in a very short time. In countless projects based on OXID eShop, all conceivable scenarios have already been mastered.

Extensive features and interfaces

Whether B2C or B2B, OXID eShop already comes with an rich selection of features for daily business in e-commerce. For more details, take a look at our features page.

Degrees of freedom

OXID eShop is simply and highly customizable. This means that your solution adapts to you and not you to your solution.

Time to market

The combination of extensive standard functions and simple customizability means that projects with OXID can go to market with fast MVPs, which can then be further developed in an agile manner according to market requirements.



OXID sets high priority to backwards compatibility and smooth updateability. This guarantees that your online store can grow with your business and that you are not faced with a relaunch every two years.


Specialized partners

We rely on (implementation) partners with industry focus and proven industry solutions, who can cooperate with our customers at eye level. Benefit from this expertise! Together with our partners we are happy to help you.

Awards of our customer

Customers with OXID are serial winners of the most prestigious online store award in the country, the Shop Usability Award. Since the award's inception in 2014, online stores based on OXID have received many awards. 

Solutions with OXID - Composable Commerce

Solutions with OXID consist of four essential elements:

  • OXID eShop: Everything is based on the OXID eShop framework, which provides extensive B2C and B2B functionalities and is optimized for customizability.
  • Business Software: Core systems in your company such as ERP, CRM, BRP, PIM and many more are directly connected to the OXID eShop via interfaces.
  • Commerce Services: Software services such as search service providers, AI, payment and shipping providers, and many more are connected via interfaces or modularly integrated into the OXID eShop.
  • Individual Extensions: Individual extensions or adjustments to the standard behavior of the OXID eShop are integrated modularly by specialized partners.

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