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For high-turnover business and emotional shopping experience

After over 16 years in the e-commerce industry, we know the needs of manufacturers, retailers, shop operators, consumers and business customers. We and our partners know how to build a first-class shop system: robust, powerful, profitable and future-proof. We are familiar with the risks and opportunities of IT integration and ERP connection. We have implemented best practices for shop architecture, SEO, search, usability, check out and payment transactions in numerous, often award-winning shop projects. For mail order, retail or wholesale companies, for brand manufacturers as well as for industrial companies and the manufacturing industry.

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Strong arguments for your shop system OXID eShop

Time to Market

You go live quickly and secure market share while your competitor is still in the middle of the project.


You start quickly and develop flexibly - with a shop system that grows with your business.

Total costs TCO

Because OXID pays off project managers have great chances to contribute to the company's success.


Quality and safety, Made in Germany. We have been in the market for 16 years. Be sure of your investment.

Software Updates

We run updates without interruption, so that the investment of our customers and partners is always protected.


Modules are a dime a dozen... Extend the shop functionality as you wish without having to touch the code.

Our cloud offering for the enterprise segment:

Shop software for scalable e-commerce

Did you hear? OXID eShop is in the Cloud now


Until now, OXID eShop was available as a one-time software license. In return, our customers received one of the top two shop systems in the German-speaking world. The latter remains!

Now we're taking it one step further: OXID eShop will become a PaaS rental model. A repositioning of our product portfolio that is worthwhile for you. Because we are adding the operation and support of the e-commerce solution to our range. Forget the stress and time you have had to invest in infrastructure, hosting and operation.

Dedicate yourself fully to the needs of your customers and thus to the growth of your platform. We take care of the rest. And all from one source and directly from the manufacturer OXID eSales. One of the most experienced e-commerce teams in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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OXID eShop Enterprise B2C Edition Cloud

The best of 16 years of business to consumer e-commerce

With our Enterprise B2C Edition you master the art of presentation. Because today the demands of consumers on your shop are higher than ever. The wide range of features in OXID eShop gives you the flexibility to implement your business objectives perfectly.

Make your offer shine. Create moving shopping worlds. Give your customers the best usability and the feeling of being someone very special.

More than just a shop: the perfect omnichannel shopping experience.

To revenue guarantee with B2C Edition


OXID eShop Enterprise B2B Edition Cloud

The most powerful shop system for business to business e-commerce

With OXID eShop you create an efficient and sustainable basis for trustworthy business relationships for you and your customers. Digitalise your offer and generate more sales. Give your sales force the freedom to focus on their core tasks.

Your business customers enjoy real shopping comfort, efficiency and profitability when shopping for business.

More than just a shop: a new level of customer service.

More about the digitiser B2B Edition


Eine Frau sitzt in einem Café und nutzt ihr Smartphone.

Our offer for small and medium-sized enterprises:

Shop software for big plans and small budgets

OXID eShop Professional Edition

The standard shop system for the company's own operations

For small companies where a PaaS solution would be too powerful we recommend the Professional Edition. It is available to you as licensed software and includes Service & Support. Everything else is up to you, regardless of the manufacturer.

The range of functions of the Professional Edition does not change. It includes everything your shop needs to be profitable from minute one after go-live. Whether you host on your own servers, partially outsource or run the solution at your trusted hosting provider is up to you.

To the Professional Edition


OXID eShop Community Edition

It also works free of charge with Open Source

For absolute beginners and underdogs. You are curious or an e-commerce starter and would like to test our shop software for free?

With the Community Edition we don't provide a rump solution, but already offer you numerous advantages of our powerful paid solutions for free. But without our service & support. Give it a try.

Our active OXID community with over 45,000 members will be happy to help you with any questions or problems you may have.

To the Open Source Community Edition


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Our turnkey interfaces

for anyone who needs fully integrated IT systems

So that ERP system and OXID eShop exchange data in real time

With the increasing speed of digitalisation, new IT systems are also rapidly entering your system landscape. In order to synchronise processes between these systems, we have developed product bundles explicitly for ERP solutions and their integration into the shop system. These bundles make processes transparent, save resources and promote efficiency.

Thanks to real-time communication between shop software and the ERP systems SAP, Microsoft Dynamics 365 or Prodatic, changes are immediately visible. This ensures efficient handling and a more comfortable shopping experience for your customers. Precisely developed for the seamless and simple connection of shop system and merchandise management, our special interface solutions make a quick entry into integrated online trading possible.

All OXID bundles for shop and ERP integration at a glance

Best Practice for large companies and a quick entry into e-commerce with SAP®.

OXID4SAP is optimised for SAP® systems and perfectly integrated into the system landscape for B2B and B2C online trade. In addition to an OXID eShop and ready-made SAP function modules, OXID4SAP comes with ready-made integration processes for about 80 percent of all interface requirements of an e-commerce platform.

In addition, there are services and features that are particularly in demand in e-commerce for B2B manufacturers. For example, for real-time availability checks or live pricing. Additional systems can be easily added, for example for OCI, CPQ or NSF requirements. By pre-configuring numerous e-commerce processes, OXID4SAP offers the best price/performance ratio for an e-commerce integration with SAP®.

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Fast and efficient order processing, even for small orders

B2C is not equal to B2B. While B2C shops focus on current sales prices, availability and article master data, a B2B shop requires considerably more information from the ERP system. The individual price calculation, stocks in real time, invoices, delivery addresses and much more. The task of OXID4NAV is to map such processes transparently and in real-time in the eShop.

Learn more about OXID4NAV

Exploiting the full potential of e-commerce

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations and OXID eShop you can rely on two powerful systems for your online business. With our integrated solution, you manage and synchronise your shop directly from the ERP system. You save time in shop administration, simplify order processing and keep both systems always up-to-date.

Learn more about OXID4Dynamics

Special conditions as a revenue driver

Agree on individual, specific purchase conditions with your customers. Using the inheritance function, you can record prices per customer, buyer or head buyer from one and the same organisation. Time-saving. You don’t need to do manual price maintenance for every login. You create ideal purchase conditions for the customer and boost your turnover.

Respond to customers where it matters: price.

Price sensitivity in B2B commerce is enormous and critical for the success of an online shop. Combined with comprehensive self-management, being able to offer individual prices gives you the crucial competitive advantage. And the required flexibility to accommodate the customer, especially when it comes to price.

Ein Mann mit einem Headset liefert OXID Shopsoftware Service und Support.

Our Service & Support is there for you 24/7!

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Would you like something more for your online shop?

We have the right module for your desired shop extension

The OXID eXchange is the marketplace of the OXID ecosystem. There you will find numerous modules, interfaces and extensions for your online shop. From shop management to system integration, ordering process, shipping, frontend, marketplaces, marketing, legal and security. Take a look at the eXchange and find what you are looking for.

To numerous modules in the eXchange


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