Online Certification

for OXID eShop Developer

OXID developer know-how - confirmed by the manufacturer

Software developers are in demand like never before. Finding them is no easy task. Retaining and developing them is a challenge. In times of shortage of skilled workers, time and cost pressure, the OXID Academy supports agencies, service providers and technology providers with online certification! This way, developers are qualified in the blink of an eye - directly by the manufacturer.

This certification will convince your customers. It guarantees comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the architecture and software code of OXID eShop. It's up to you whether you work out the intensive preparation training time- and cost-saving on your own with our freely available videos and online documentation or acquire your knowledge directly with our support in one of the regularly held OXID Academy trainings.

Advantages of online certification at a glance

  • Save time and money: Prepare and test when, how and where you want
  • Real developer know-how: in-depth knowledge of the OXID platform and technologies
  • Certificate as proof of quality: proven developer know-how about the OXID platform that you can show on LinkedIn etc.
  • Regular recertification: with continuous knowledge building every two years you stay on the ball
  • International teams: certification in German or English language
  • Make the difference: create trust with your customers with your knowledge

Key facts about certification

1. bring your know-how up to date

2. get access to the exam center

3. the test in detail

  • Per access 3 attempts within 8 weeks
  • Start exam and run the 90 minutes processing time
  • Out of more than 100 questions about the OXID platform, 30 multiple choice questions have to be answered

4. receive certificate

  • Answer 70% of the questions correctly
  • Download the certificate directly after passing
  • Be a certified OXID developer for 24 months

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Become a certified OXID eShop developer. With the online certification of the OXID Academy, the exam can be taken comfortably on PC or laptop - fast, uncomplicated and flexible in terms of time.

And this is how it works:

  • Fill out the form and apply for certification
  • Get access to the exam center by e-mail
  • Successfully pass the certification within eight weeks
  • After passing the exam, download the OXID Academy certificate

"As an OXID partner from the very beginning, I can now get my developers certified within a very short time with the online certification. They can prepare for the exam on their own or attend online training sessions and no longer have to travel. This brings flexibility as well as huge cost and time savings."

Henrik Steffen, CEO, cgrd GmbH