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The health care system, a strong part of the German economy

Enormous potential for added value through more digitisation

Job engine health care industry: 7.6 million people work in the health care industry. That is every sixth job in Germany. In Europe, this sector generates 95 billion euros. One third of this comes from German companies. In terms of patent applications, Germany ranks second behind the USA. The importance of the health care system and medical technology in Germany is undisputedly high.

It is a dynamic industry. Currently strongly affected by the corona pandemic. However, it is a sector with great potential and just as many challenges. The digital transformation is also changing the procurement process in the healthcare sector and redefining the way people shop. Compared to other sectors, however, the healthcare industry only occupies a midfield position in terms of digitalisation. A lot of unused potential and a lot of room for improvement.

Your potential – our solution

With our e-commerce solution, medical technology manufacturers, wholesalers and medical supply stores can make a start. A step towards efficient procurement for practices, hospitals and patients. To more digital service for our most valuable asset: health.

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Your challenges and how you can get more digital with us

People are becoming increasingly health conscious. Bio, wellness and alternative healing methods are in vogue. Patients want alternatives to classical medicine. Patients are increasingly obtaining information on the internet, wearing wearables and using smartphones and apps to record their own health data. In the future, there will be more demand for digital services in the health care sector than ever before. Whether telemedicine, online appointments, remote patient monitoring, robotics in care and much more. It's going digital!


Advantages for the healthcare industry with OXID eShop

  • As a med-tech manufacturer, you simplify procurement for hospitals and practices with OXID eShop and Plusorder
  • Develop a new way of selling in times when it is hardly possible to reach decision makers with Sales Advisor
  • Digitalise the processes in your company
  • Medical technology wholesalers offer their business customers first-class customer service for stable business relationships
  • Medical supply stores open up their product range online to their customers
  • Healthcare providers offer new digital services to their customers

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