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The centerpiece of every OXID solution is the lean and high-performance OXID platform, which is modularly extended in every customer project. With the powerful OXID modular system, stable and high-performance applications can be developed for the most diverse requirements. Your expansion becomes part of the OXID platform, so that new and innovative solutions can be developed today and in the future.

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And it's that simple:

1. module development

We have compiled best practices for module development in our training material and on OXID forge.

2. Listing

Once the extension has been created, it can be posted directly on our OXID eXchange marketplace. The listing is free of charge.

Become a partner

If the demand confirms the potential of the expansion, there is the possibility for a platform partnership.

In our more than 15 years as OXID partner, we have come to know and love the system as flexible and extremely adaptable. Our customers know how to use these strengths optimally, so that we can always implement exciting projects with OXID.

Thomas Dartsch, D³ Data Development