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Business in the Cloud is becoming increasingly attractive – Fly with the times

OXID Cloud: Platform-as-a-Service makes you an e-commerce high flyer

With OXID eShop you now receive more than a one-time software license for one of the most popular shop systems in the German-speaking world. We work hard every day to maintain this position! But we keep up with the times and therefore go one step further: OXID eShop moves into the cloud and becomes a Platform-as-a-Service solution! A rental model that pays off for all those who want to concentrate on the essentials in online business rather than the tiresome chores.


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Carefree package for a smoothly running online shop

The requirements of our customers have changed in recent years. From the upper middle class to to enterprise groups, companies are looking for holistic solutions and long-term project support. We are happy to fulfill this customer requirement: with the OXID Cloud.

Forget the grey hairs you used to get over issues such as infrastructure, hosting and operation. We supplement the software license with the operation and support of the e-commerce solution.

Dedicate yourself completely to your customers and do what you do best. We will take care of the rest and relieve you of most of your worries. Only one contractual partner – directly from the manufacturer.

You get all this in the OXID Cloud

  • Software license for the respective Enterprise Edition
  • Unlimited clients and application server
  • OXID Cloud Cockpit
  • Hosting
  • Review, stage and production environment
  • Software Maintenance, Service & Support
  • Managed cloud services
  • Monitoring & profiling
  • Best practice tools

Our OXID Cloud offering as a 360-degree e-commerce solution

The right offer for every need

From now on, the OXID Cloud hosts two editions: The Enterprise B2C and B2B Edition. Both shop systems are available in 5 packages, which are priced according to the order volume in your shop. There is a suitable offer for every merchant scenario.

From 10,000 orders and more per month, we cover individual needs in specially tailored packages on request. And of course our shop software also has all the proven features on board in the cloud.

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Get ready for a heady flight with the right shop system

OXID eShop Enterprise B2C Edition Cloud

Customer Journey and Experience at its best

With our Enterprise B2C Edition you will convince willing buyers. Integrate a PIM for a perfect product experience. Submit customer-specific offers with OXID AI. Use the fully integrated Visual CMS to build landing pages via drag & drop or to create marketing campaigns with a time reference.

From an omnichannel strategy to mobile first to smart concepts at the point of sales – there are no limits to your imagination.

More than just a shop software: a perfect shopping experience.

To the revenue guarantor B2C Edition


OXID eShop Enterprise B2B Edition Cloud

A powerful shop system for B2B commerce

A buyer wants to cover his needs quickly and efficiently, while at the same time having high expectations in terms of conditions, services and usability. Proven functions from consumer online trade have long since established themselves in B2B. On Top, the Enterprise B2B Edition brings tailor-made business customer features such as roles & rights, self-administration, budget limits and approval processes.

A shop that is more: next level customer service.

To the digitiser B2B Edition


Much more than just hosting – highest entrepreneurial freedom

You have many construction sites and have to take care of everything. Nevertheless, your shop is sometimes offline. No longer with the OXID Cloud! We simply make your shop incredibly fast. High load scenarios are out and performance problems are a thing of the past. Scaling? No longer an issue, because the shop scales automatically. And in the OXID Cloud Cockpit you have everything in view. We relieve you of as many worries as possible. You take care of your core business.

The OXID Cloud pays off for your online business with these factors

  • Less business risk because your e-commerce is in the hands of professionals
  • Avoid skill shortages because you do not need to build a large team of developers
  • Fast, agile and low-risk, without building up your own resources
  • Money saving and calculable operating costs at a monthly overview
  • Access to the OXID Cloud, independent of time and place
  • Your business scales as your customers demand it
  • Specialised providers on external servers guarantee data security
  • You can flexibly add services, performance and software as your business requires
  • A Client Success Manager is available to you for personal exchange
  • You receive 24/7 support, Made in Germany

Strong arguments for the OXID Cloud

Time to value

The OXID Cloud brings added value in the shortest time

Time to market

Go live faster, make sales earlier


A pragmatic start, sustainable growth


Adapts to the needs of your business

Our offer of help in the Corona crisis. Time for pragmatism

Fast and risk-free digital trading with a Mimimum Viable Product (MVP)

Our Corona starter package has an unbeatable time to code and performance. Just the right thing for customers who want to get off to a quick, carefree start in e-commerce during a crisis with minimal effort, but who do not want to do without a future-proof and expandable enterprise solution.

The technical roll-out of the OXID Cloud takes place within minutes. Your development environment is ready in just a few clicks. No long project planning, no time-consuming installation: just get started immediately with our MVP.

We bring you quickly into e-commerce. You further develop the platform in line with your growth. As good, smart and reliable as ever. But now much more convenient!

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Cloud computing is the end of "fashion IT" - customers will only pay for value and not technology.

Sunny Ghosh, Director and CEO of Wolf Frameworks

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