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Digitiser for business customer relations

Digital processes and more convenience for procurement

Check ✔ fulfilled! With the OXID eShop Enterprise B2B Edition in the Cloud

With OXID Cloud as a PaaS solution, we provide customers in the B2B segment with a platform for a quick and pragmatic entry into all-round carefree e-commerce. Support your business customers with efficient ordering processes and benefit from a solution that is tailored to provide more service and convenience for digital business customer relationships. Medium-sized, large and internationally active companies receive maximum flexibility, stability, security and profitability.

We offer the B2B Edition in 5 packages, the price of which is based on the order volume in your shop. And, of course, it comes with all the dedicated B2B functions that our customers and their business partners appreciate so much. Put the annoying issues in e-commerce in the hands of professionals. Use the new energy to achieve your business goals.


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Everything you need for the successful digitalisation of your enterprise sales

More than just a shop software – an integrated PaaS e-commerce solution:

  • Order processes fast, simple, efficient and thus save costs
  • Individual conditions and dedicated B2B features for strong customer loyalty
  • An attractive and sustainable shopping experience despite automated processes
  • Extremely high degree of individualisation and need for a wide range of functions
  • Holistic sales and growth strategy for demanding customers; also internationally

Enterprise B2B Commerce in the Cloud.

Long-term business customer relationship

Understanding & mapping the organizational structure of your customers

Every customer is different. And every company has special requirements regarding product range, approval procedures and budget management. And of course price also plays a major role.

Cover your needs with the Enterprise B2B Edition Cloud:

  • Conditions and assortments customer-specific
  • Convenient self-administration for customers in your shop
  • Individual processes, roles & rights in your shop

Efficient, simple & joyful completion of the company purchase

Upload shopping lists in the online shop, combine several orders or order automatically on time. This is how quickly and conveniently the buyer gets his goods by you.

Reduce the administrative effort with OXID eShop:

  • Secure data and lean ordering processes
  • Availability of goods and resources can be planned at any time
  • Collective or appointment orders and much more with a mouse click

Seamless integration of shop and ERP system

To enable you to design processes in your company in a consistent and automated manner, we ensure transparency between IT systems with the standardised interfaces of our OXID bundles.

The Enterprise B2B Edition Cloud integrates systems:

  • Ready-to-use interfaces for SAP, NAV, Dynamics, Prodatic
  • Real-time communication between shop and ERP system
  • Seamlessly integrated third-party systems: PIM, CRM, CMS...

Additional services and dialogue at eye level

Service is as important to a buyer as it is to a consumer. He researches, compares and orders goods around the clock. Thanks to automatic status communication, you keep them up to date.

With OXID eShop you improve the shopping experience:

  • Plus services matching the product
  • Request for quotation directly via the shop
  • Online advice and 24/7 opening hours

The right commerce architecture
With Enterprise B2B Edition Cloud

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Your extensive functionalities in the

Enterprise B2B Edition Cloud

Flexibly show customer structures

Full control over the customer account

B2B shop software gives the customer control over their account. It also offers numerous options for self-management. A user can sign into the shop using their personal data. If they sign in as a buyer, they might be subject to budgetary constraints and approval processes, depending on the structure of the organisation. If they are a head buyer, they define roles and rights in the shop itself. They can assign any amount of logins, appoint colleagues as buyers and set approval processes or budgetary constraints per buyer.


A practical tool for achieving and maintaining customer loyalty

Your business customers define their own purchase organisation in the online shop. You use an offer that is tailored to their requirements. This enables your customers to satisfy their requirements quickly and efficiently and in a structured manner.


Order authorisation in the online shop

In your shop, the head buyer is the boss! They can see, adjust, approve for order or reject shopping baskets that require approval, at any time. Buyers just add the required products to the shopping basket. They then pass them to the next channel up, the head buyer, during the checkout process.

The approval processes that were created are continued in the online shop. Orders that have been made can be repeated at any time with a click. Everybody involved can leave comments about the process in question in the shopping basket itself using a log function.


Fewer returns, because any uncertainties are cleared up

Both you and your customer reduce manual processes that cost time and money. Everything is transparent and comprehensibly regulated throughout. Every member of staff knows their rights. No need for phone calls or emails. Incorrectly ordered products become a thing of the past, because the sources of errors are greatly reduced. This gives both parties, the buyer and the superior, confidence.


The B2B shopping basket as a communication tool

Concluding a B2B purchase transaction is significantly different from the checkout process for a customer in the B2C segment. Depending on what rights the buyer has, they can either order directly or they have to go through the approval process with their shopping basket. Our shop system solves the problem with a second, internal shopping basket that has to be approved. It acts as a communication tool for your customer during the approval process. Following approval, items in the B2B shopping basket can be ordered.


Internal processes for speed and efficiency

Your customer can optimally implement their approval process with the B2B shopping basket. Steps that have to be repeated are a thing of the past. You offer exactly what your customers need in the B2B segment. Provide optimum support for working efficiently.

Full budget and cost control

Your customer is in charge of their own budget – in your online shop! For each buyer, they can record the budget framework in which the buyer can place orders without approval. Per year, month, week, day or order. If necessary, an order can be approved over and above the budget framework, without a limit. If a budget is exceeded, it is not possible to complete the checkout process.


Budgets that benefit you

Trust is good, control is better! This function allows your customer to stay in full control of costs. They stick to their company’s internal order guidelines. With your online shop, you make sure that your customer knows where they are – and has an eye on all their budgets.

Special conditions as a revenue driver

Agree on individual, specific purchase conditions with your customers. Using the inheritance function, you can record prices per customer, buyer or head buyer from one and the same organisation. Time-saving. You don’t need to do manual price maintenance for every login. You create ideal purchase conditions for the customer and boost your turnover.


Respond to customers where it matters: price

Price sensitivity in B2B commerce is enormous and critical for the success of an online shop. Combined with comprehensive self-management, being able to offer individual prices gives you the crucial competitive advantage. And the required flexibility to accommodate the customer, especially when it comes to price.

Increase efficiency in the order process

Order with low shipping costs

Save on shipping costs by grouping orders: The colleague placing the order designates a shopping basket for a grouped order during the checkout process or approval process. The various orders are grouped over a certain period and later executed as a grouped order. Any order can be subject to the approval process or defined budgetary constraints.


Less work and a satisfied customer

Your customer gets attractive discount rates and saves on shipping costs. Are you wondering what’s in it for you? There is only one order for your team to deal with. You have less work and a satisfied customer long term. This customer will gladly recommend you.

Configure an order and receive it as requested

Repeat orders regularly with little effort? Just click! Your customer defines the point in time from which they would like a specific shopping basket delivered and at what intervals. They decide whether to have an order or a reminder email triggered on the date. Defined budgetary constraints remain in place. A scheduled order can be amended or cancelled at any time.


Easier to plan products and resources

Once your customer has set the required parameters, they don’t need to think about it again. The shop relieves them of the work of regular purchases. You receive regular orders and are better able to plan products and resources.

Order faster when time is tight

Does your customer know exactly what they want? Then why have them navigate their way through the online shop and the order process? Using the Fast Order function, they can place orders simply by entering product numbers and/or descriptions. Pop-ups provide support by displaying possible hits while the customer types. Furthermore, the buyer can simply convert CSV files on their PC, with the required number of products, into a shopping basket, using CSV upload. And vice versa! A fast order can be saved on the PC or recorded in the shop system as an order list for subsequent orders.


Online service at the click of a button

You make buying from you as convenient, quick and easy as possible for your customers. This gives you a clear competitive advantage and a good way of achieving and maintaining customer loyalty.

Benefit from genuine online services

Services that make you and your customers happy

Are you looking for a way to stand out on the market using services and warranties? Do you want to offer your customers more than ‘just’ products? With our B2B shop software, you can. You define service products in the shop and assign them to any product. Your customer has the option of adding them to the shopping basket. You decide whether the service applies per product or for any number of products.


Greater flexibility for your offer

You offer your customers a comprehensive package of product and relevant additional offers. It’s hard to imagine greater flexibility. And you become smarter every time. You just test what they like and what they don’t.

Bidirectional offers, in and out of the online shop

Don’t have all of your available products online? With an offer enquiry, your customers can record any products, give them a reference number and place them with you as an enquiry. Conversely, you can draw up your own, customer-specific offers and assign them to your customers. You also have the greatest possible flexibility: Reference numbers for easier identification and communication, any amount of attachments, lists, prices, shipping costs, etc. You can also specify for each offer whether it can be ordered directly or whether it has to be arranged with you first. You can offer products with different price and quality features. You can also bundle very different products into one offer.


24/7, round the clock

Your business has opening hours; your online shop doesn’t. The customer can access their offers directly through their customer account. Around the clock, whenever and wherever they want. They can convert your offer directly into a shopping basket, if they want.

Best practice example: Machine builder GROB-WERKE

More customer loyalty in the B2B online shop

Read our case study to find out how GROB4CARE's B2B spare parts shop gives customers exclusive access to spare parts and parts lists. The right parts for repairs, maintenance or overhauls can be identified quickly and easily. And order online immediately.

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Due to the extremely high requirements resulting from the product and process complexity, we decided to use OXID after a selection process. The introduction offers our customers decisive advantages in terms of technical and logistical information and enables them to increase efficiency and quality in procurement

Thomas Czech, Head of Service Spare Parts Management, GROB-WERKE GmbH