Personalisation with OXID AI

The IQ booster for your e-commerce

Up to 25% more conversion

with AI based online shopping in OXID eShop - powered by econda & findologic

A pop-up banner trying to sell an outdoor jacket that has already been purchased is annoying. As is an email that tries to tempt me into buying a sofa even though I just bought one last year. Now there is a remedy for this unsatisfactory experience that affects us all as customers.

Our goal for your online business: Increase conversion and customer loyalty with personalisation! Thanks to an optimum customer experience! Most importantly, the tangible improvement is that potential customers are not annoyed with irrelevant content. Instead, the right offer at the right time makes browsing a shopping experience.


Why is making tailored offers so important?

  • 75% of visitors will leave your shop immediately if they see a product they are not interested in.
  • 48% of prospects cancel a purchase if it is not tailored to their actual needs
  • Personalisation providers report average conversion increases of 25%
  • Because when shopping online, the next seller is only a click away


Personalisation option in the OXID eShop powered by econda. That’s what you can achieve!

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What is personalisation?

Satisfaction of individual customer needs

One of the main advantages of brick-and-mortar retailing compared to e-commerce is the individual service provided to the customer by the seller! If you succeed in taking this personal approach in digital trade as well, the shopping experience will be virtually on a par with that of brick-and-mortar retailing. About 50% of online shops use features that have something to do with personalisation in the broadest sense. But only a few use it consistently. Simple recommendations such as “other customers also bought” are not personalisation. They are just statistical evaluations of shop data.

Personalisation should be as individual as possible for each user. Retailers need to use all available customer data, coupled with artificial intelligence, to offer customers what they want now. That’s personalisation!

How does personalisation work?


Collect customer data and learn from it


Assessement of positive or negative responses



Identifying visitors via cookies


Serving visitors individually

48% of all users stop shopping if it is not tailored to their actual interests.

Accenture, December 2017

What does the personalisation option in the OXID eShop mean?
An add-on extension that is easy, convenient and fast

The personalisation option is a turnkey solution for personalised content. This solution makes key technologies AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning accessible to the market, easily and out-of-the-box. Many retailers still feel very apprehensive and have reservations about this subject. It is available for all OXID eShops version 6.1 and newer, and constitutes seamless, best-of-breed integration of the econda personalisation engine into the OXID eShop. Information from the shop, such as product data and user information and behaviour are evaluated via econda and made available in the OXID eShop, GDPR-ready and ePrivacy compliant. It would be hard to find a simpler way of tackling such a complex issue.

And these are your benefits

Latest technology

Manufacturer quality

Get started faster

Data security

Seamlessly integrated

Service & support

OXID eShop personalisation option: What’s in it for you

Whether or not you already work with econda, it’s easy to start using the personalisation option. Get started with personalisation from the OXID backend or from the econda backend.
The shop sends tracking data to econda and econda, in turn, sends personalised content back to the shop.


The following functionalities are optionally available:

  • Tracking
  • Analytics
  • Product data export
  • Tag manager
  • Personalisation

Personalisation: the automatic tailoring of sites and messages to the individuals viewing them so that we can feel that somewhere there's a piece of software that loves us for who we are.

David Weinberger, author