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An online shop alone does not make an e-commerce. Our shop software is more flexible than almost any other on the market. That is also the reason why our customers love it. OXID eShop is capable of being integrated into a wide variety of ERP systems and numerous other third-party systems. In addition, our strong partner network offers a wide range of interfaces, modules, plugins, add-ons and extensions that you can use with OXID eShop in the eXchange either for a fee or even for free.

We ourselves always see the need to upgrade OXID eShop for various challenges. That's why we also offer a range of additional tools that add further exciting capabilities and functionalities to your shop. Be it the use of artificial intelligence (OXID AI) to serve customers individually and according to their needs, or the product marketing platform OXID Market Connect, which allows you to automatically play out your products to a wide variety of marketplaces virtually at the push of a button.

Are you ready to get even more out of your OXID eShop? Our various extensions support you in achieving your goals.


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Modules, interfaces, add-ons and extensions for your OXID eShop. For store management, marketing, payment and much more. From the OXID ecosystem for you.



The artificial intelligence for your OXID eShop. So that you can impress your customers with the desired product at the right time.