Self-hosted Shopsoftware

For complete independence in e-commerce

Self-hosted Shopsoftware

Your online business on your server

Looking for a shop system today to enter the world of e-commerce, you will be surprised by the oversupply of solutions available on the market. Prospective store operators are confronted with the question how to operate the system: in cloud as Software-as-a-Service, as Platform-as-a-Service or as a classic self-hosted system at the host of their choice.

There are good reasons for each of these operating modes. Each company must decide for itself which is the right one. If, for whatever reason, you prefer a self-hosted store software, OXID eShop is the right choice.

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Your advantages with OXID eShop Self-Hosted

  • You acquire the software license, which becomes your property
  • You have all decisions in your hand
  • You look for individual support, as you need it
  • You are independent of the manufacturer
  • You have full flexibility for your business
  • Your data belongs to you
  • You decide on the appropriate hosting

Our self-hosted Shopsoftware offer

OXID eShop Professional Edition

The all-round, worry-free package

For beginners, start-ups and quick starters who are looking for everything shop systems need to do in an e-commerce solution – including many out-of-the-box functionalities. Get online and onto the market faster and leave the competition in the starting blocks. The flexible all-round, worry-free shop system adapts to your needs and can be effectively expanded according to your success and growing needs.

Offer your users what they want. With shop software that is equipped for future-proof online commerce. We give you security for your business with an outstanding e-commerce solution Made in Germany and that goes for service and support too. Get off to a professional start.

Professional Edition

OXID eShop Community Edition

The MVP shop system

For the curious, beginners and anybody who wants to try out our software at no cost first and add a full online shop to their website. The OXID eShop Community Edition offers you the many benefits of the high-performance Professional and Enterprise editions which are otherwise only available at a cost. Concentrate fully on your success without the disadvantages of many comparable  systems.

Sell your products online, test the water and learn what your needs are for a shop system. If you have any questions, the active OXID community of over 45,000 members will be there to help. If you want more, we will be happy to advise you about which of our e-commerce solutions will give your business the edge. Our extensive service & support is available with the OXID eShop Professional, Enterprise and Enterprise B2B Edition.

Community Edition