Customer Experience

For OXID it's more than just a trend

A good customer experience puts the focus on people

Full marks for the customer experience with OXID eShop

The world of commerce is facing major challenges. The speed of change is constantly increasing. Retailers have to serve more and more needs, requirements and channels to reach their customers. The evolution of consumer behavior that goes hand in hand with rapid technological development and the triumph of the smartphone often cause bellyaches in executive suites, marketing and sales.

Omnichannel, multichannel, voice commerce, augmented reality, mobile commerce, chat bots, artificial intelligence and personalization are just some of the trends that are currently being hotly debated. How many of these buzzwords actually have potential for real business? Only time will tell! However, one buzzword has persisted and been on the agenda for many years: customer experience!

Customer experience describes the customer's shopping experience. What impression does a prospective customer get at the various contact points (touchpoints) with your company or brand? Does the retailer manage to turn the contact with the company, product, service or support into a positive experience?

Yes, then an emotional connection is created that keeps shoppers coming back when they need it again. No, then the person will buy somewhere else.

Customer Experience keyfacts with OXID eShop

Purchasing decisions are made by people. Even though every user is different, emotions, entertainment and intuitive usability are already a good basis for achieving a perfect shopping experience and a high conversion rate. Content marketing and front-end design become the key success factor. With the following features your e-commerce presence can convince.

  •     Fully integrated CMS to bring content into the store
  •     Mobile commerce optimized
  •     Highly customizable with freely configurable navigation menus and more
  •     Numerous features such as brand slider to showcase your brand
  •     High level of interaction possibilities with customers
  •     Numerous payment methods
  •     Personalization of the shopping experience with OXID AI
  •     Everything a merchant needs for promotions, actions and incentives
  •     Best practice processes for B2B and B2C

What OXID eShop can do for a good customer experience

The customer experience is as individual as a fingerprint

Whether the shopping experience for their customers is "good" or "bad" is a question that drives many retailers and manufacturers. The customer experience is a totality of emotional, individual as well as behavioral reactions in all phases of the shopping process. This experience is basically neither predictable nor measurable. It goes hand in hand with the feelings, wishes, needs and unexpected behavior of potential buyers.

So you can't control the customer experience. All you can do is anticipate customer expectations, put them in relation to performance, and try to achieve the best possible outcome for the customer at every touchpoint – offline and online. To achieve this, there are a number of tools, all of which OXID eShop offers.

Brochure: Customer Experience, more than a trend

How to optimize your customer experience

If you want to sell, you have to inspire. To do this, the retailer must focus on the customer with his needs and wishes. Their expectations should not only be satisfied at the points of contact with the brand, but at best exceeded. In this way, the shopping experience remains permanently in the memory and the brand becomes indispensable.

In our brochure you will learn:

  • Where in the store Customer Experience is controllable,
  • which features and functions OXID eShop offers, and
  • which helpful tools are also available in OXID eShop.