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Semikron leads with OXID shop software

Towards globalisation with e-commerce

Global growth markets are waiting for you

The internationally active Semikron group supplies customers all over the world with its e-commerce portal at . B2B customers in China and Brazil get semiconductor technologies and electronic components through their own local shops. These shops are clients of the international online shop and are hosted on site.
By making this decision, the manufacturer takes into account the growing demand on the relevant markets. Semikron avoids firewall problems to keep access times as short as possible.

“We have relied on the OXID eShop Enterprise Edition for our e-commerce strategy since the beginning. As far as the eShop was concerned, expanding internationally wasn’t very difficult.”

Tanja Siebel, Performance Manager, SEMIKRON Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG

Semikron enjoys global online success. Could this be your next step?

Don’t fall behind in the competition for global market shares. Overseas customers are much more inclined to shop abroad when shopping online. 87% of people in Portugal, 49% in the Czech Republic and 67% in Ireland shop beyond their national borders. You just need to find the concept that works.

  • International opening: Create a country-specific version of your online shop. Intuitive and fully translated.
  • Localisation: Do you want to build up a country-specific brand? Then you need a sub-shop. It’s easy, thanks to the multi-client capability of OXID shop systems .
  • International branches: Do you aspire to open a local business? If so, things become more complicated – local customer support, marketing, service, warehousing, logistics and more.