Mollie B.V.

Grow easily with online payments.

Mollie is one of the leading financial service providers for B2C and B2B companies in Europe. With a valuation of €6 billion at last count, the company founded in 2004 in the Netherlands is one of the most valuable fintechs on the continent. Over 135,000 customers across Europe process their online payment transactions via the cloud-based Mollie platform. These include regionally strong companies such as ROECKL, Reishunger, KoRo and L'Osteria as well as global corporations such as TOMS® and UNICEF.


Mollie B.V.

Keizersgracht 126
1015CW Amsterdam

+49 8920194095
[email protected]

Mollie B.V.

Luise-Ullrich-Strasse 20
80636 München



Business models & industries

  • B2B
  • Wholesale 
  • Mail order 
  • Omnichannel retail 
  • (Brand) Manufacturer